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You may now need to know how to do  high ground retakes which is easy. You know that high ground is important in Fortnite so that you want to know the information about it including how to do it. You can start from the easy high ground retakes and we will inform you here.

According to Selage Youtube channel in the video entitled Easy Ways to Retake Highground! – Fortnite Battle Royale!, there are some tips to do the retake highground. You have to be quick and unpredictable. As we know that everyone knows the kind of the Edit and then Ramp Out so a lot of people will expect it when you get into a build fight and a lot of times they are gonna shoot out that ramp and it will be easy way to laser you on your way up. So, a good thing to do is just kind of mess with your opponent so as soon as you edit out and ramp up. They will see that and then you are able to just kind of head to the other side and by the time they are done spraying you out. Then, they will realize that you are on the other side.

It is important for you to consider the situation that you are boxed in here and your opponent is spraying you out. There is a couple ways you can try to retake high ground. But, the easiest way is to just kind of go out this back side and then up the side. It is a super safe and easy way to retake high ground as your opponent has a lot of builds in between you and them that they cannot spread you out. They have to jump through a couple of areas just just to be able to build up and by the time they do all that you are already gonna be on height. It will be a pretty easy to retake for you.

You can chop their build down and make sure to protect yourself when retaking because they are falling and a lot of people will hit a shotgun shot while falling. So, a simple ramp above your head does the trick and you may not like to go up too high since then they are able to chop you as well. So, you can just do a little bit of a ramp up and then 90 since by the time they fall. You should be up here already and then be looking down with a shotgun on them. If the do, decide to chop and you will be able to hit a pretty easy headshot on your opponent.

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