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In the Fortnite Creative, you may want to play Parkour Maps which are easy. There are some Parkour Maps that you are able to play in the Fortnite Creative. Here, we are going to inform you what maps they are. So, are you ready to play the Parkour Maps?

Fortnite Creative is a game mode for Fortnite: Battle Royale and it is new. In this game mode, as a player you are able to control the creation of your own private islands for others to experience. The features and tweaks which are put into the island by the you are able to be saved for later use. It is available to all players beginning from December 13th, 2018.

You may want to play Parkour Maps. Here we have some of them including the easy ones and also the hard ones.

  • Kenworth’s Parkour School Map

This map is more official Park School map. If you are a new player, this map is a good one for you to play. This game starts off easy and explains exactly what you will have to do to complete each of the challenges there. Before you head into the harder maps, this map is a great foundation of knowledge to learn. The code of this map is 1667-5892-4987.

  • Sahmie’s Parkour School for Noobs

This map is a good map that you can play if you are new player since the early parts of the map are very easy. Also it provides some good early training for you new players out there. However, the map will be harder as it goes. The code of this map is 9723-1485-5757.

  •  ItsMeKeewan’s Splash In: Aquatic Parkour Park

This map is a beautiful detailed map where you will be able to find some fun parkour sections. The map looks like a tropical water park, and it features some beautiful interesting parkour sections. This map appears to have had a lot of work to put into it and you will find 16 coins to collect. The code for this map is 7812-9152-8360.

  • Bahri’ Giant Llama Parkour Map

In this map, there are a lot of parkour parts, but there are also a lot of rage inducing deathrun style of play. This map is fun to play because it will keep you on your toes throughout and has been built inside of a giant supply llama where you will have to go to escape out of. If you are able to escape from it, you will be treated with a view of the enormous llama which is nice. The code for this map is 8495-1302-1392.

  • Hazza’s Abandoned Pirate Ship Parkour – Hard!

If you want to play the hard one of parkour map, then you can play this one. You can challenge yourself because here there are nine hard levels to run through and they will test all of your skills when you make your way through the tight jumps and a lot of traps. The code for this map is 9213-3860-5403.

You are able to start playing on any map that you want by using one of the codes above.

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