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Have you ever tried to join Fortnite Creative mode? If you have tried it, what map have you tried? Have you tried to join Escape Room map? Of you have never tried it, now we will share the code of this map so that you will be able to try to join the map to play and explore the map there with your friends.

Here, we have some Escape Room map codes and you are able to try to use them one by one to feel different experience of each map. So, what are they? Here they are.

  • Escape Room which was created by Macfriez. In this map, you will be able to find Escape Room with puzzles or parkour.

Map Code: 5336-0087-0140

  • Winter Escape Room which was created by 2xvoid. In this map, the difficulty is medium or easy.

Map Code: 8531-4690-7962

  • Speceship – Escape Room which was created by Slyth – Sunburn. In this map, your spaceship has crashed on an unknown territory and you are running out of oxygen. So, the thing that you have to do is making your way to the escape capsules.

Map Code: 3356-9952-0428

  • Death Race – Escape The Vault which was created by Echo. In this map, there will be Guards vs Robbers which are a series of traps which are able to be activated. Guards will have to activate them and Robbers will have to dodge them.

Map Code: 7991-4079-3594

  • The Only Prison Escape which was created by Pnf_dksp. In this map, you have to run, run and run to escape.

Map Code: 7043-6850-6393

  • Prison Escape Room Fixed which was created by Daturtleyt.

Map Code: 3298-0679-0757

  • North Pole Escape which was created by Wishbone_45. In this map, it is Christmas and there will be Santa who arrives at your house. However, little does he know you snuck into his bag and then end up in the North Pole. So, you have to find a way back home.

Map Code: 9388-7329-7171

  • Escape The Abandoned Hotel which was created by 00-v-dylan-v-00.

Map Code: 0473-2905-7183

  • Escape Sludges Factory which was created by Itssbmagic. In this map, you will see that Sludge has taken over slurpy swamp and then you need to escape before you become Sludge.

Map Code: 8557-5642-5070

  • Escape Room which was created by AxelErDefault.

Map Code: 5336-0087-0140.

  • Escape Room Parkour V. Fi which was created by thane181.

Map Code: 0303-4392-2794

  • Escape Room 3.0 Hard which was created by thane181.

Map Code: 1204-7048-3677

Well, you are able to try to use the code above. Do you know how to enter the code so that you are able to join the map? Follow the steps below to join the map.

  • First, you need start Creative server.
  • If you have started the Creative server, you have to find the featured Island Rift in the Creative Hub.
  • At the end, you need to open Set Island Code and then enter one of ┬áthe map codes above.

Okay, have fun with the maps and enjoy the game!

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