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Sometimes, you want to have your name in-game typed with symbol and punctuation. However, your profile in-game is such as a face in which the people will see it for the first time. So, it can be a reason why every player really desires to put their name with symbol or also punctuation.

As we know that there are many kinds of punctuations that you can attach in your game name. But, most gamers prefer to use exclamation marks to make their name more gorgeous to look at. But, not all games can allow you to put the punctuation in your game name.

Then, can you put an exclamation mark in the Fortnite name?

If you really want to put an eclamation mark in your Fortnite game, it is surely better for you to look for the information first. As the hottest games in the world, we guess that Epic Games really have a high prestige to allow the players using punctuation and symbol.

In fact, using some punctuations and also symbols in your game name can make your name as if not serious. Indeed, that’s why Epic Games do not allow the players to use punctuation, especially exclamation marks in your game name.

You may try using an exclamation mark in your game name, but you totally fail every time you try. Certainly, it can be a parameter in which you totally cannot use exclamation marks in your Fortnite game.

How about you? Have you ever tried to use an exclamation mark in your Fortnite name?

Well, when you try to change your username with a new name completed by an exclamation mark, of course we guarantee that you will fail anymore.

You may already know to change your Fortnite name, you will go to your account on Epic Games. Then, you will choose an account menu that will direct you to personal detail. After that, you will click the Pen symbol to change your Fortnite name. In this step, you will type your new Fortnite name with an exclamation mark. Unfortunately, when you submit your request, there will be a pop up that says “SORRY YOUR DISPLAY NAME MAY NOT CONTAIN !.”.

When you get a pop up, it means that you totally cannot use an exclamation mark in your Fortnite name.

Then, is it end? Of course, not!

If you think that you cannot use an exclamation mark in your Fortnite name forever, it is absolutely wrong. Well, there is a smart way that you can do to use an exclamation mark in your Fortnite name as you desire. How can?

How to Put an Exclamation Mark in Fortnite name

We get this smartest way from a YouTube video owned by shocz entitled How To Get An Exclamation Mark in Your Fortnite Name that you can access at https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=92-t0AE2DZg. Here are those ways from the video that you can do:

  • First, go to your profile name in Epic Games.
  • Then, click your account to direct you to personal detail.
  • After that, click on the Pen symbol beside your Fortnite name.
  • In this step, you usually type your Fortnite name on the available bar. But, if you want to use an exclamation mark, please don’t do this!
  • To use an exclamation mark, you can type your Fortnite name on your browser address. Then, you can copy and paste it on the Fortnite name bar.
  • After that, click the Confirm button to submit.
  • Finally, it is totally done.

But, not all players can do this way successfully.  Some of them may fail anymore. So, you can look for other ways from another.

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