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For those who are looking for eye tracker for Fortnite, you might want to use Tobii Eye Tracking. Tobii Eye Tracking is the world leader in eye tracking. Do you want to know more about Tobii Eye Tracking for Fortnite? Please read everything below.

The thing called Tobii Eye Tracking data provides unique insights into human behavior and conditions, digitalizing the way people interact with machines and devices, providing a platform for enterprises to develop innovative solutions and applications.

The technology in the Tobbi Eye Traking is quite straightforward. The magic, however, lies in being able to carry out eye tracking in the method that it is able to be used by everyone, across the world, under a variety of environments and conditions with computational efficiency, high precision, and within the limited space posed by modern devices and machines.

While simple, the concept of eye tracking is founded on many years of research and development both at Tobii and the other research institutes. Actually, building an eye tracker is simple. The only thing that is not is building an eye tracker that works for every user around the world. first, the eye tracker emits a near infrared or NIR light beam. Second, the light is reflected in the eyes of the user. Third, the reflections are captured by the cameras of eye tracker. Fourth, through filtering and triangulation, the eye tracker determines where the user is looking the gaze point and calculates eye movements data.

The Tobii Eye Tracker consists of sensors, a camera and projectors, as well as image processing algorithms. The sensors consist of custom components and advanced optics designed for performance such as advanced micro projectors (beam Near-Infrared or NIR light, creating a reflection on the eyes of the user), sensors (capture the high frame rate images of the eyes of the user and light reflections), and image-processing algorithms (the intelligence of the system, detect useful details in the eyes and the reflections of the user, interpreting the image stream to determine the position of the eyes of the user and their gaze point on a screen).

Apparently, the device or machine equipped with the Tobii Eye Tracking is able to determine user intention because what a person looks at is a good approximation of what they are thinking. It means Tobii Eye Tracking is able to provide insight into the human mind that is able to be used in a variety of applications such as to humanize technology by making it more intuitive, to increase computing and resource efficiency, to learn from experts, enabling training and skills transfer, and to access medical and human conditions and behaviors.

Why should you use Tobii Eye Tracking? The question is a bit tricky. However, there are definitely a number of advantages for you who are looking for another intuitive computer input. You are able to use it for the game immerson, creating insightful content, streaming, game analysis, in esports and some selections of interaction features in Windows. The chances are endless.

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