Faction Locked Chest Locations in Fortnite

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The developer of Fortnite called Epic Games released the v12.60 Fortnite update and as always, data miners leaked upcoming event files, new skins, and the other ones, and a brand new set of challenges and rewards.

Some people believe that we will not be getting Overtime challenges this season, but Epic Games have already released the Location Domination challenges along with the Storm the Agency challenges. Each player of Fortnite has the chance to gain an additional 120,000 season XP from three of the challenges, whilst the other two challenges provide players with a free pickaxe and wrap. Once you have completing any of the five challenges, you will also able to unlock a free glider.

One of the challenges needs you to open a faction locked chest at different spy bases around the map. For those who are not sure how to complete the challenge, this article consists of a guide to complete the challenge for you.

As given away by the name of the challenge, you will have to be at a spy base in order to find and open a faction locked chest. There are currently five different locations of spy base on the new Fortnite map that you are able to visit if you want to complete this challenge. As you probably know, you will have to look for locked faction chest at three different bases, so you will need to visit a couple different ones if you want the Steel Shadow pickaxe reward. Here is the locations and coordinates of all five Fortnite shadow bases:

Locations Coordinates
Pleasant Park D2/D3
East of Craggy Cliffs F2
East of Frenzy Farm G3/G4
North of Holly Hedges B4
North of Misty Meadows E7/F7

For those who are not sure what a faction locked chest is in Fortnite, it is a big box chests at spy bases that need a scan to be unlocked. In order to actually unlock the faction locked chest, you will have to disguise yourself in a phone booth if you want to look like a henchman. Not doing this will make the chest not opening.

Please keep in mind that there is a phone booths located next to every spy base, so it does not take much longer to complete this step. Aside from that, you will also want to disguise yourself anyway as you will be a target for everyone in the spy as soon as you step foot inside.

You can just simply navigate around your selected spy base until you find a faction locked chest and scan yourself to unlock it. If you want to complete this challenge, you will have to open a faction locked chest at 3 different spy bases. Upon completing this challenge, you will be provided with the free Steel Shadow pickaxe and will be one step closer to completing all of the Storm the Agency challenges. Furthermore, visiting the spy base will also help you with the other challenge set like Skye’s Adventure.

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