Failed to Deserialize File Fortnite Client Settings Editor

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Fortnite is one of popular games in the world. There are lots of people who like playing this game. However, there are some issues occur when we are playing the game of Fortnite. We get information that there are some people who ever get problem related Fortnite; failed to deserialize file Fortnite.

When you open this page, you may looking for the information about how to solve the problem of failed to deserialize file Fortnite. Or you may also having this problem so you are looking for the solution for your problem. Apparently, you are at the right page, here in this page, we are going to talk a little bit information regarding failed to deserialize file Fortnite. So, you have to keep staying on this page until you get the information you need.

Based on the research, there are some Fortnite players who ever have the problem; failed to deserialize file Fortnite. Of course, this problem is very upset. If you have this problem, you do not worry about that because you are able to solve your problem by doing some things. Here, in the text below, you are able to see what things you have to do to solve the problem; failed to deserialize file Fortnite.

  • Uninstalling Fortnite

The first way that you have to do to solve the problem; failed to deserialize file Fortnite is to uninstall Fortnite. So, just uninstall Fortnite now.

  • Deleting Fortnite game folder from the appdata.

You have to ensure that you are able to delete Fortnite game folder from your app data.

  • Resetting all settings.

You have to reset all your settings of Fortnite. So, make sure that you reset all settings.

  • Re-enter all settings.

After you reset all settings, now time is for you to re-enter all your settings.

Well, the text above is a way that you can do to solve the problem; failed to deserialize file Fortnite.

Some of you may do not know how to uninstall Fortnite correctly. In addition, we are going to explain it here. As we know that the only way to install, update, and launch Fortnite is by launching the Epic Games launcher first. Following this, uninstalling Fortnite also requires that you make use of the Epic Games Launcher.

  • Please launch the Epic Games Launcher.
  • After that, you have to select the Library tab in the left pane.
  • Then, you have to click on the Settings button next to Fortnite. It looks like a set of gears
  • The next step that you have to do is to select Uninstall.
  • The last, you just need to confirm your action.

By following those steps above, you should be able to completely delete Fortnite from your hard drive. But, you have to keep note that this operation will not delete the Epic Games folder from your hard disk. Therefore, you are going to need to uninstall the Epic Games Launcher as well. When you have uninstalled Fortnite, it will be a good idea to perform a standard disk cleaning.

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