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Are you ready to get Fortnite dance challenge?

However, the Fortnite dance challenge is such a fun way to entertain yourself and others. The dance can make your mood booster. During playing Fortnite, definitely you will get feel bored sometime. Then, by dancing, you will get your mood back.

The Fortnite dance challenge has been shown by tons of videos inYouTube. One of them is FGTeeV Channel that shows the dance challenge use the Roblox and Fortnite character inside. The FGTeeV is a family gaming channel that shows the video game family collection. FGTeeV got the Roblox character including Duddy & Granny, Granny Game Granny, FNAF Freedy Fazbear, Mart from Hello Neighbor, Benny, Boris & The Projectionist and many more.

The video shows the dance challenge acted by Roblox character vs Fortnite character. They will do many kinds of Fortnite emotes. If you watch the video, it can be your mood booster during playing Fortnite. You can watch the Fortnite dance challenge from FGTeeV trough this link: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=mCfTdnjCkOU.

Here are some Fortnite dance challenges which were shown by FGTeeV Channel:

Breakin’: Bust a move!!! This dancing style comes with lots of moves, pulling off the stunts and maneuvers which do not only bridge the gap among Battle Royale Fortnite. This kind of dance is generally related to the breaker music and hip-hop funk.

Flipping Sexy: The dancing style is just to flip out. This has the ability to turn, twist, flip in the air, and the land in the most unbelievable place to take out the enemy from angle. It can be called as the enchanting emotes that allow the players to throw themselves into a full reverse before lying on the floor for minute in an gorgeous sexy style before it is going back to the original stature.

The Robot: This dancing style can be called as the rigid dance like a robot. It is depicted by a character who does the robot dance and moves in a dancing robot or mannequin. Just to execute the dance sequence to dance this style.

Hype: It can be a fun dance challenge in which you are just shaking your hand. This Hype dance is a weird jerking dance of someone that shows his/her excitement.

Kiss Kiss: This is a so sweet dance challenge. You just show your love to someone by this emote.

YMCA: It is a dance challenge by Village People that show the anti-mainstream dance.

The Worm: This dancing style shows the dance look like a squirming worm. This move involves keeping your toes to initiate the unmistakable wave that starts the move.

Flapper: This is also a gorgeous fun dance challenge to do. However, this dancing style can be a favorite among Fortnite player. This dance presents the steady movements of the game character’s hands in the same directions in contradictory with the movement of the character’s legs.

Best Mates: This is so wonderful dance challenge that shows the great character gestures and dance. This will add a little fun during active gameplay.

Boneless: It is a dancing style that looks silly as the player bends his/her body parts in a silly way.

Gun Show: This emote shows a character which bends a knee and show off its shoulder muscles.

Orange Justice: This dancing style can be a funny and funky dance that presents as a great exercise move. It is also a great exercise to move.

Reanimated: The last dance challenge can be called as a unique dance style. This is represented a character which stretches forth with two hands while making some twists and turns.

Well, don’t forget to follow the Fortnite dance challenge!!!

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