Find Deadpool’s Chimichangas Around HQ Fortnite

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The first week of the Fortnite Deadpool challenges ask the players to complete two different challenges. All of them are easy and are able to be completed within minutes, and player are rewarded with a spray for their troubles.

If you want to unlock the Fortnite Deadpool skin, you will need to continue completing these weekly Deadpool challenges, although there is no confirmation when the Deadpool will be available to unlock. If the last seasons are anything to go by in regards to unlock the secret skin, you can expect to unlock the skin in week 7 or week 8.Once of the week 2 challenges needs the players to find the chimichangas of Deadpool around the HQ. Here is a guide of the locations where you will be able to find the chimichangas of Deadpool.

If you want to complete the challenge, you will have to find three chimichangas of Deadpool around the HQ. There is only three in total, and all of them are pretty easy to find. As soon as you click the Battle Pass tab, and view the agent table, you will find the first chimichangas of Deadpool underneath the table to the right of the ka boom cylinder.

In order to find the next chimichanga, you need to go to the upgrade vault of Mayas, that you will find on the top right hand side of the HQ. Once you are there, you will find the chimichanga of Deadpool on the right side of Maya on the shelf.

The last chimichanga of Deadpool is able to be found by opening the agents door from the HQ that is on the top left hand side of the screen. Once you are there, you will have to click Agent Brutus. When you are in the briefing room of Agent Brutus, you will be able to find the last chimichangas of Deadpool on the table found on the right hand side of the screen. All that you have to do is to simply click it in order to find it. Do not forget that in order to view and complete these challenges, you will need to have the Season 12 or Chapter 2 Season 2 Battle Pass.

Finding the chimichangas of Deadpool around the HQ Fortnite is really easy. Do you think you can find all the three locations? If you follow the instructions well, there is no doubt for you. Do not give up on finding them as there is always a light. In case you are having a hard time on finding them, you can seek a help from the community of Fortnite to find the best way that you can do. If needed, you can also contact the customer support of Epic Games and talk to them regarding the issue that you are facing. The same way you can do if you have any questions about finding the chimichanags of Deadpool around the HQ Fortnite and about the Fortnite in general.

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