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Are you Xbox One users to play Fortnite? Do you ever get the issues of your headset’s mic on Xbox One? However, this issue is very annoying for every Fortnite player when they want to talk to in-game friends. So, what should you do when you get trouble in Xbox One’s headset?

Certainly, the headset not working on Xbox One is not a big problem at all. You definitely can fix the issues as easy as possible. Although it is not a big problem, ignoring it is totally wrong for you. You probably will need this device to talk to your friends while playing Fortnite.

How to Fix Headset Not Working on Xbox One

If you cannot hear anything in Fortnite chat on Xbox One, the issue may happen in Xbox One settings. Of course, to fix the headset issue on Xbox One, you can follow any steps below!

Step 1: Firstly, reconnect the Xbox One Mic. Sometimes, disconnecting the mic can fix audio problems.

Step 2: Then, make sure that your microphone is not muted. If the LED light is activated on the     menu button, it means that your audio is muted. You should press the button to unmute the mic.

Step 3: You also have to ensure that your team members have not muted you.

Step 4: After that, turn the TV volume down. Then, if you hear an echo, it seems from the mic picking up the TV audio. Then, play it back to you.

Step 5: Then, increase the mic volume higher. If you use a Kinect, you need to go to Xbox One controller settings. Then, adjust the controller’s audio volume.

Step 6: In this step, you need to test the mic on other devices. You can test it with your laptop  or smartphone by using an app such as Telegram or Skype. If it works, the trouble is likely connected to Xbox One. Alternatively, you need to replace or repair the headset.

Step 7: Then, assign the controller to your profile. If you change controllers a lot, you may be looking for audio input from another controller. Make sure to assign the Xbox one controller to your Microsoft Account.

Step 8: You need to update the Xbox controller.

Step 9: In this step, you must check your privacy settings. To do it, go to Settings, choose Account. Then, select Privacy & Online safety. Click View details & customize. Choose to communicate with voice and text.

Step 10: You have to check the Xbox Kinect sensor.

Step 11: To do Xbox One power cycle, you can press the power button on the front of the console for about 10 seconds until the system powers down.

Step 12: Change parental settings. In this step, you can enable or disable in the Xbox One parental controls.

Step 13: You need to check the Xbox one Live status. You can check it if Xbox Live is down at any time.

Step 14: Then, check your internet speed.

Step 15: Finally, ditch the surge protector. By using it, you can prevent your Xbox One from working properly.

Well, those are all ways that you can fix the headset’s issue on Xbox One. Good Luck!!!

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