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FNBR is a site which provides a range of Fortnite cosmetics information sold on Fortnite Item Stop every day. If the players really need to find out the information of  Fortnite cosmetics, FNBR is the best site that they should access. However, this site allows you to browse any information related to the hottest battle royale game, Fortnite.

This massive site can be accessed at https://fnbr.co/. The FNBR site really helps the players who want to purchase any Fortnite cosmetic. In this way, they will have an enlightenment to decide whether the Fortnite cosmetic that they want to buy is reliable or not. If you’re new to the FNBR site, let’s see the FNBR overview below!

FNBR Fortnite,

FNBR Overview – Fortnite Item Shop Site

The battle royale game of Fortnite really offers plenty of cosmetics which can be purchased by the players. The cosmetics here are sold in Fortnite Item Shop every day. It means that every day, the Fortnite cosmetics available in the Fortnite Item Shop will be different.

You cannot repeat purchases for yesterday’s fortnite cosmetics. The only Fortnite cosmetics that you can buy is just for today. But, how if you need some information related to the Fortnite review sold yesterday?

Thankfully, the FNBR site really allows you to find out any information related to the Fortnite cosmetics’ review including votes, ranks, bought percentage, review and more. Aside from that, you can also track a certain Fortnite cosmetic by entering the Fortnite cosmetics’ name either skins, harvesting tool, weapons or more.

Through FNBR site, you’re able to see the upcoming Fortnite cosmetic which will hit the Fortnite Item Shop. Fnbr.co also provides news feed, a live view of the item shop, and also a full list of items which are available in Fortnite.

The point is, fnbr.co is a great site that you access every day in order to find the reliable and worth Fortnite cosmetics that you can buy from Fortnite Item Shop.

FNBR’s Features You Should Know

Fnbr.co really eases you to find out any information related to Fortnite cosmetics. Of course, there are plenty of features that you can use to explore this site. The features here are as follow:

  • Live Item Shop

The first great feature that you find at fnbr.co is Live Item Shop. You’re able to browse the current in-game item shop rotation that will refresh at 00:00 UTC.

  • Item Details

You can also click on an item to see the detailed information about the Fortnite’s cosmetics including price, rarity, release date and when the cosmetic was last seen.

  • Set Reminders

You’re also allowed to set the reminders for certain cosmetics that you’re waiting for. Here, you will receive a notification if the Fortnite cosmetics you want to buy are available in the item shop.

  • Live News Feed

FNBR site also shows you to view the current in-game news message/ feed of the day complete with descriptions and also images.

  • Upcoming Items

Which makes this site so gorgeous is to provide a regularly updated list of upcoming Fortnite cosmetics to be soon released.

  • All Cosmetics

This site also shows you a full list of all Fortnite outfits, weapons, harvesting tools, gliders and more.

  • Item Randomiser

This is a new feature of FNBR site, you can instantly get a random load out of items to drop into a game with.

  • Notifications

By enabling or disabling the notifications, you will be easier to receive the notifications which are currently available for the new feed, item shop, reminders and more.

  • Planned Features

They also has planned to release new features to the site. Here are the FNBRs planning features in near future:

  • Cheat sheets for Fortnite’s battle Pass/ event challenges list
  • Drop location randomiser
  • Current LTM rotation

Well, those are all features that you can find at FNBR site. Make sure to use them as effectively as possible in order to get the real information related to the Fortnite cosmetics that you really want to track before deciding to buy it from the Fortnite item shop.

FNBR’s Menu for Navigation

FNBR's Menu for Navigation

If you’re accessing this site, you will see a plenty of menus that you can find at the top of the homepage. We think that the menus here can be used as a navigation when you want to explore this site. You certainly can find some menus, they are:

Home: At Home menu, you can see the upcoming items and also all Fortnite cosmetics which will be available in the Fortnite Item Shop. Here, you can see the Fortnite cosmetic which will change daily at 00:00 UTC.

Shop: If you click on the Shop menu, you definitely will find the current item shop sold in Fortnite Item Shop today. You can click on a Fortnite cosmetic if you want to see more information about it.

Cosmetics: From the Cosmetics menu, you can explore upcoming items, item sets, icons, images, reminders and also the shop history of Fortnite cosmetics.

News: The News menu shows you the current-in game newsfeed which is released by Epic games. The news here is updated every 2 minutes.

Randomiser: Randomiser menu allows you to click on the option to pick a random outfit from every Fortnite item available.

About : Just like a lot of sites, the About menu provides the information about its site. If you click on the About menu, you can see a list of information related to FNBR including about fnbr.co, advertise on fnbr.co, translate, privacy policy, Discord, Twitter, and fnbr.co status.

Skindb.co: From FNBR site, you can also customize the players’ character through this site.

API: If you want to request access to FNBR site, you can click on the API menu.

Account: The Account menu can be used if you want to login to fnbr.co with Discord.

Language Option: You can also pick the language that you want when exploring the FNBR site by clicking on the Globe icon at the end of the left handlebar.

How about you? Are you ready to explore to see the reliable Fortnite cosmetics that you probably want to buy from Fortnite item shop?

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