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Are you interested to get the Gnomes challenge on Fortnite? What make this challenge so fun and must be followed by every Fortnite player? Or do you want to try completing the Gnomes challenge in Fortnite? If so, don’t miss this chance to get the more points of Fortnite. So, please complete this Gnomes challenge on Fortnite!

If we talk about the Fortnite challenge, definitely there are lots of challenge that you can complete and reach the highest points. In this case, the challenge looks like a gift for Fortnite players in getting the points while having battle. So, that’s why every Fortnite player is allowed to get the challenge and complete it soon to reach the top points.

One of awesome challenges on Fortnite that should be followed by Fortnite players is Gnomes challenge. This challenge will task the players to find hidden gnomes in certain location on the map. So, your task is to learn about the map first, then, explore to search some hidden gnomes.

As we have known that Gnomes is one of secret Fortnite challenges apart of Honey challenges. This two secret challenges were added to Fortnite in v12.30. Then, in Chapter 2: Season 1, you will be allowed to find the hidden gnomes for the Overtime Challenges. With the help of the map, automatically, you have to learn and pay attention to understand about the map.

Definitely, the gnomes locations on the map are scattered, two are on the east side and the other is on the west. Then, one allows you to look inbetween Fancy View, a Big House and a Wooden Shack. Then, other will require you to inbetween a wooden shack, Logjam Woodworks, a bucket tree. The last is found between Cabbage Patch, a Race Track and a Farm Sign.

The locations of Gnomes can be found on three side. First is just west of Sweaty sands, second can be found northwest of Slurpy Swamp and the third is located north of Frenzy Farm.

In this case, you can only find all the gnomes and their telescope with our challenge guide. Here are the all locations of telescope for the Gnomes challenge:

  • Gnome Telescope 1: The first telescope can be found just outside the cabin where you went to active the Ted Offensive challenge.
  • Gnome Telescope 2: The second telescope is from the front door of the cabin. Then, go across the river and head 100 yards or so east. You can find another gnome on a table and a telescope behind the tree.
  • Gnome Telescope 3: From this, you have to close the cabin again. Then, just walking west and look for the deteriorating Tomato head and cheeseburger head which look like they are covered in forest overgrowth.
  • Gnome Telescope 4: You can find it by following the river south from the cabin. Then, you can see a gnome and telescope before you reach the covered bridge.
  • Gnome Telescope 5: It is slightly northwest of the cabin. you will totally find the gnome on a table and telescope which is sitting against a large log.

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