Forged in Slurp Challenges Cheat Sheet

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This Forged In Slurp Challenges ask you through the list of challenges you will need to complete to get the rewards for this mission. Epic Games has simplified things in Chapter 2: Season 1. There is no longer battle stars, you are able to only get experience that will level up your battle pass and get your closer to tier 100. It appears that Missions will no longer expire like they did in the previous season, so you will not have to rush to complete these.


You have to know that completing each challenge is going to get you 54,000 XP points towards your battle pass. You are able to start off with the first three of these challenges unlocked, and you are going to unlock more challenges by completing each of those. If you complete eight of these challenges, so you are going to unlock the Loading Screen for the Mission.

  • Search the Chests at Slurpy Swamp or Retail Row.
  • You have to eliminate the enemies with a weapon.
  • You will be asked to upgrade an item at the Weapon Upgrade Bench.
  • You have to dance at Lockie’s Lighthouse, a Weather Station and the Compact Cars.
  • Dealing Damage with the Common weapons.
  • Marking an rare items, uncommon item, and Epic items.
  • Eliminating the enemies at Fortnite E.G.O. outposts or Retail Row.
  • You have to search Ammo Boxes at the Landmarks in Fortnite.
  • Searching Supply Drops in various matches.
  • You have to deal damage with the Legendary weapons.

Apparently, there is a hidden location listed on the loading screen you reach, so you have to check out this guide for more information.


If you want to know about Forged in Slurp challenges cheat sheet, here is a full cheat sheet on the challenges, credit to SquatingDog. Just click this link; For your information, SquatingDog is full-time Partnered Twitch Streamer.


The challenges are enough easy to complete. You are able to do them in Team Rumble if you feel like they may be difficult. Besides, you are able to also to use Party Assist with any of these challenges that can help you completing the difficult ones.

If you search the Chests at Slurpy Swamp or Retail Row, you are able to do this one in Team Rumble, the spawn rates on chests are much higher. We have check out Slurpy Swamp, actually it is a new area so it will change things up for you. Otherwise, you are able to go to the area that seems less populated so you have all the chests to yourself.

When you want to eliminate the opponents with a weapon of each rarity, you will need to get five eliminations in total. We do not think this will be too difficult, you may struggle to find a Legendary weapon, but they are not super hard to locate. If you head into Team Rumble, you are able to likely get a Supply Drop that usually has a high rarity item in it.

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