Fortbyte #72 Found in Salty Springs

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The thing called Fortbyte #72 has been added to Fortnite. This one has players going to Salty Springs in order to track down another piece of the Fortbyte puzzle for Season 9. As this one is the case in the new collectibles that are released daily in the game, it gives you a clue of where to go. In fact, Fortbyte #72 only leads the players to Salty Springs, while the rest of the thing is up to you. This page consists of the guide that explains exactly where you have to go to find the Fortbyte #72 in Fortnite.

There have been several location based ones like these where all they give you is the named location and you need to do the rest. The place named Salty Springs may not be the largest location and it will require some reaching unless you know exactly where to find it.

In order to snag Fortbyte #72 , you are going to want to go to the pretty much to the north central part of this area, which is a pretty small space considering they are only like six buildings there. You are not looking for it inside a building like you might expect. For your information, the Fortbyte itself is hidden in the red truck that is overturned in the middle of the street. The truck is placed beside the Reboot Van, and it is flipped on its side, the victim of some sort of accident, even though you never see anyone actually driving these cars around there. It is in the windshield of the knocked-over car, and you are able to grab it so long as you are not in Creative Mode. It is still unknown of why Epic Games allows you to find these in Creative Mode without letting you take them. There is no requirement to picking up Fortbyte #72 except finding it. All that you have to do is to simply walk over to the truck and interact with the item to add it to the collection.

Salty Spring is not exactly the hottest drop zone these days, but you could do worst than landing there at the beginning, considering that at least it is named area and not in the middle of nowhere. Fortbyte #72 should be easy enough to grab and then you are able to gear up and go on to play the real game if you want rather than making it a special trip.

There are several other Fortbyte scattered across the Fortnite map. Some of them have particular requirements or objectives to be me, while some other ones, like this one, can just be picked up when you see them. In case you are having trouble finding the other Fortbytes, it is better for you to look for the guides to find them. You are also encouraged to visit the community of Fortnite to find more about everything about Fortnite, including the information about Fortbyte #72 found in Salty Springs.

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