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Fortnite, talking about it, automatically we will be directed into a hottest-popular online video game that much sought after by many gamers. Certainly, in Fortnite, there are lots of inviting features that attract every gamer to play it. By having any gorgeous features, that’s so normal for Fortnite to have many players.

Certainly, not only features that is successful to attract many gamers around the world, Fortnite also success rounding up many gamers in all corners of the world in a biggest event, that’s Fortnite Cup. Of course, holding the Championship can be a way for Gaming Developer to attract many players.

So as for Fortnite, the one of inviting Fortnite Champion Cup is Solo Hype Nite. This tournament focuses on one player to fight over one position to be winner. Definitely, this tournament is open to everyone and requires no Hype to enter. Need to know that this tournament happens across one round, so please for you who join with this tournament to make it count. Of course, the Hype will be rewarded to the top ranked players.

This tournament is usually held in every Saturday. So, for you who want to get a chance having the rewards, try to reach the Open League in Arena Mode to unlock this event. By following this tournament, of course, you already accept the rules and the eligibility. For full rules, please visit the official Epic Games page about event at

Then, here are the official rules of Hype Nite Tournament 2020 for Chapter 2 Season 1:

  • Introduction
  1. Introduction: The Fortnite Hype Nite governs all stage of Fortnite Hype Nite events.
  2. Acceptance: The each player should agree to follow these rules at all the times.
  3. Enforcement: The Epic Games will be primary responsible for enforcing these rules for all Fortnite players at this event.
  4. Amendments: For this case, Epic will update, change, revise or modify the Rules anytime.
  • Event Structure
  • Definition of Terms: Arena, Elimination, Event Administrator, Game Mode, Match, Placement, Session, and Victory Royale.
  • Schedule – All Final Times Listed in Game : Hype Nite and Challenger Hype Nite
  • Rescheduling
  • Event Format: Scoring, Scoring System, and Tiebreakers
  • Prizes

Of course, there are still some rules for this tournament that Epic Games has announced. But, we will not explain it all because the rules for this event can be changed anytime. So, it is better for you to see it on Epic Games site.

Then, referring to the title of our article that type Fortnite 1.nite, you are probably getting confused for it in which the topic is not related anymore. In this case, we will emphasize for this term. If you are so confused for the term of Fortnite 1.nite, definitely it refers to Fortnite Solo Hype Nite. So, if you are finding it on the internet, so, you do not have to be strange anymore.

Well, are you interested to join with this Fortnite Solo Hype Nite tournament? Please, looking for the information explaining about it to follow. So, you will be ready to join someday.

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