Fortnite 14.20 Patch Notes – New Fortnite Update 3.20

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What’s new on September, 23, 2020? From the question, of course every Fortnite player will keep waiting  for something new launched by Epic Games. The new Fortnite will make the Fortnite system better at all. Then, in this month, there is a new system launched by Epic Games.

If we talk about what’s new in Fortnite, definitely it cannot be separated from something that adds to the Fortnite’s system. In this case, you may already know that Fortnite always keep up-to-dated for the gaming system, improvement and maintenance within the game. However, when the new update comes, surely every Fortnite players will be happy with it because they will get something new from its update.

In September, you may be amazed with a new Update 3.20 of Fortnite 14.20 Patch Notes. Once Epic Games has released a new update 12.50 that adds Marvel-themed to the game announcing some Marvel skins, new features, any changes and many more. Now, Fortnite will be improved with the release of Fortnite 14.20 Patch Notes and New Update 3.20.

What will you get from the New Fortnite Update 3.20?

However, any Fortnite update is looking like it may take time for another update in Fortnite. Generally, Fortnite patches totally include quite a few leaks, but in this update, Fortnite will add a fair amount of new stuff to the game. Well, you probably will see new POIs, items, bosses, weapons, new modes added to the game.

Of course, when a new update is released to the game, the main thing that you need to do is to find out any features that will come to the game. Well, this patch notes Fortnite update absolutely will give us a pretty good idea of the main parts of the patch.

When  will Fortnite 14.20 Patch Notes for New Update 3.20 release?

The Fortnite 14.20 Patch Notes will be officially released on September 23, 2020. The downtime of this new update will start at 4 AM ET (08:00 UTC). So, you can expect a couple of hours before the patch will officially release. Surprisingly, it just takes a little time to wait for this update. We guess that you cannot wait for the release of this update to get any new features in the game.

What are new in Fortnite 14.20 Patch Notes for New Update 3.20?

Well, you may be looking for the leaked features added to this new update. So, here are possible things that you may get from this update”

  • Birthday Event

We can expect that the Birthday Event to celebrate Fortnite Battle Royale’s birthday on September 26th will be added in this patch.

  • Halloween Skin

Two of the strings leaked are Spooky Offers and Start the Party!. Well, in this case, the Spooky Offers  is the more attractive one. It means that we are able to see some Halloween skins in the Fortnite shop.

  • Midas Fish

Midas fish still is not available in the game yet. So, we expect that Midas Fish will appear in this patch.

  • New Bosses

As we know that Fortnite Chapter 2 Season 4 is full of Marvel heroes. So, it’s so possible if there are new bosses that will appear in the game.

Well, you cannot wait for this new update, can you?

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