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As we know that map code on Fortnite is one of main things that you have to find. However, by using its code, you will be led to the navigation area during an active mission. Certainly, there are many kinds of maps that you can choose. One of them is Fortnite 1v1 map code which has been chosen by many players. So, how many codes of 1v1 on Fortnite?

Fortnite 1v1 is one of map that you can choose to unleash your mission by opening the new area based on the themed that you desire. Of course, it can be a fun way for you if you want to try the new area on 1v1 map. As we have known that Fortnite map is composed of four main playable Zones or Regions with different specific missions and Biomes. The regions are Stonewood, Plankerton, Twine Peaks and Canny Valley. For each region, there are different difficulties, representation and classification of monster.

Absolutely, for each map, there are many codes that you can copy and use when you want to take the mission. So as for Fortnite 1v1 map in which there are many codes that you can copy based on your purpose. Then, if you are so excited to use the code of Fortnite 1v1 map, do not hesitate t use these codes on the below!

  • MEEP’S CHRISTMAS 1V1 MAP: You can copy the code of 4284-5755-3508 to battle with your friends in this Christmas theme 1v1 map.
  • 1v1 Ultimate Training Battle: You can set the 1v1 theme to win the battle. Copy this code 0566-7238-1470 to unleash your mission on Ultimate Training Battle.
  • Best Map Boxfight: You can totally use the code to boxfight. Copy and use the code of 2224-2374-8922 to win the battle.
  • Edocraft02’s 1v1 Map: Use the code from Ecocraft02 available in the item shop. The code is 2971-1959-9362.
  • Map Buildfight De Noel: Create the map for buildfight. By using this code 8586-5001-2126, you can set the Christmas themed to be more adorable and attractive.
  • 1v1 Edit Race: You can use 1v1 themed to compete against a friend or if you want to try beat your own time in this simple edit course. Copy and use this code 4595-7638-0900 to get it.
  • 1v1 Map (Galaxy Style): You can also set your map look like on galaxy. Copy and use this code 9301-1938-1492 to make your dream coming true.
  • Ironblaster’s Box Fighting Map: You can use a small room to battle your friends. Create the room with 1v1 themed to have a moving storm. You can use and copy this code 1651-1827-1406.
  • The Most Satisfying 1v1 Map: If you want to be satisfied on map, certainly you can use 1v1 for chapter 2. The 1v1 map was totally designed to be the best theme for every play style. So, you can copy and use this code 1588-7203-3013 to get it.
  • Duel Aim: You can set the 1v1 theme to grab your friends, grab some weapons and battle it out in this fun mode. Then, copy and use the code 2559-6299-2670 to make it true.

Well, it is time for you to set your zone using 1v1 map themed. Make sure that you use the right code for certain purpose.

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