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The existence of hackers are dangerous because they can get access to your account and then they will be able to get anything and do anything on your account including selling your account. Usually, hackers will get accounts through phishing, keylogging, and other methods. So, setting your account to be safe is very important.

Epic Games provide some protection features to protect the players can be protected from this kind of crime. One of the protection feature that is owned by Epic Games is 2FA. 2FA stands for Two Factor Authentication. This feature will permit you to require a code from a device that you have before you can login. If you activate this feature, it will make hacker difficult to obtain unauthorized access to your account. So, when you sign in using your password, you will receive a security code and the code is good for one use, over a short period of time. The code will be sent to you via the verification method that you selected in your Account Settings. You are able to get the 2FA security code via either en authentication app or via your Epic Games email address.

If you want to activate Fortnite 2FA feature, you need to sign up by enabling this feature that you can find in the Password & Security tab. How to enable this 2FA feature? Follow the instructions below to enable 2FA in your account.

  • First step that you have to do is accessing Account Settings.
  • In the Account Settings page, you need to click on the Password & Security tab so that you are able to view your security settings.
  • Then, at the bottom of the page, under the Two Factor Authentication heading, you can click to Enable Authenticator App or Enable Email Authentication as your two factor method. Here you are able to select which method that you want to choose whether you want to enable it using the Authenticator apps or email address. If you want to use an authenticator app for two step authentication, some authenticator apps are recommended and you can find them in your mobile device app store including Google Authenticator, LastPass Authenticator, Microsoft Authenticator and Authy.

So, after you enabled 2FA, it means that you have signed up to this feature and your account will be safe. As mentioned above that 2FA is one of account protection feature on Epic Games. There are still more protection features on Epic Games and you can use them. Those are:

  • Verify your email address. If you verify the email address which is associated with your Epic account, it can help protect your account and makes easier for Player Support to help you in the event of any suspicious activity with your account.
  • Link your social accounts for extra security. You can integrate Facebook and Google logins with Epic account system. It will permit you to log into your Epic account without requiring a separate password as long as you have actively logged into Google or Facebook.

Also, there are other efforts that you can do to protect your Fortnite account such as using unique password, keeping your computer secured, making sure that you do not buy or share accounts, making sure that you do not trust suspicious offers and contacting Player Support Team if you need additional help.

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