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On Fortnite’s third birthday, the players are allowed to complete the challenge to dance in front of all birthday cakes in some areas in Fortnite island. It means you have to find the exact location where the Fortnite 3rd birthday cakes are located.

All Locations of Fortnite 3rd Birthday

Of course, every player of Fortnite probably will take the places to find the location of Fortnite 3rd Birthday cakes randomly, not orderly places. So, in case you find all birthday cakes in any location of Fortnite island, you may also take the random places.

Well, here are all locations of Fortnite 3rd Birthday:

  • Birthday Cake 1 – Doom’s Domain

It requires you to rejoin a match since the circle can be too small for you. This birthday cake can be found in Doom’s Domain, a.k.a Pleasant Park and it is on a sidewalk close to Doom’s statue.

  • Birthday Cake 2 – Sweaty Sands

This birthday cake is one of more accessible cakes to find if you are a frequent looter of Sweaty Sands. It will be just outside of the pier’s entrance.

  • Birthday Cake 3 – Salty Spring

The third birthday cake can be found in Salty Springs which will be toward the right of the town.

  • Birthday Cake 4 – Holly Hedges

To find it, you can make your way toward the bottom of the map once again. Then, set your destination to Holly Hedges. You can get it in the upper part of Holly Hedges.

  • Birthday Cake 5 – Weeping Woods

You can get this cake inside a house in Weeping Woods. It is slightly off the landmark’s center. Then, you need to go forward north after making your way.

  • Birthday Cake 6 – Slurpy Swamp

To find the fifth cake, you will find it at Slurpy Swamp. In the eastern end of the location near the Respawn Van.

  • Birthday Cake 7 – Misty Meadows

You can find it in Misty Meadows that leads you to cross the bridge to the right side of the landmark. It will be next to the water fountain in the eastern section of the location.

  • Birthday Cake 8 – Lazy Lake

You can get this birthday cake in the middle of Lazy Lake with a car of building yourself to activate your glider in Team Rumble mode. It is located near a Respawn Van and garage floor.

  • Birthday Cake 9 – Retail Row

To get the first cake, you need to head over to Retail Row. This is located toward the right of the city. Moreover, in the street towards the center of Retail Row, you will find the cake across from a Bus stop.

  • Birthday Cake 10 – Dirty Docks

The final cake will be found in Dirty Docks. To get it, you will need to get the upper part of the landmark. The cake is in a small alleyway located in the northeast section of the location.

Well, those are all locations of Fortnite birthday cakes that you need to find in Fortnite island.

What Should You Do After Finding the Birthday Cakes?

Then, you may wonder what you should do after finding the birthday cakes. As we have mentioned that this challenge requires the Fortnite players to dance in front of ten birthday cakes in different locations.

Once you find the birthday cake in a certain area of Fortnite island, you also do not forget to dance when you land. Well, to dance in front of the cakes, you can press d-pad down on controller, B on keyboard or by taping “!” on Android.

Of course, you can choose the emote dance that you already have in your locker. After you tap the dance emote, you actually can choose the emote dance. So, dance by choosing whatever emote in front of the birthday cakes.

Before you start finding the birthday cakes on the Battle Royale island, of course it is worth it for you to recognize how the birthday cakes look like. Then, to ensure it, you can land in a location where the birthday cake is located. Then, you can snag a slice of cake which offers you a boost of +5 shield and +5 health when consumed. Moreover, eating cake slices will complete the gain health or shield from the birthday cake challenge.

Rewards: Of course, if you have completed the challenge of Fortnite 3rd birthday cakes to dance in front of the cake, you will be automatically  rewarded with the Cakey Wrap

Fortnite Birthday Challenges

Indeed, dancing in front of different birthday cakes is just a challenge on the larger list of third birthday challenges which went live in Fortnite on Saturday.

You may be curious what kinds of rewards that you probably get from birthday cakes challenge that you will have until October 1 to earn:

  • Play matches (10) – Big Three Spray
  • Dance in front of different Birthday Cakes (10) – Cakey Weapon Wrap
  • Outlast opponents (500) – Cupcake 3 emoji
  • Obtain health or shield from Birthday Cake (50) – 80,000 XP.
  • Complete all challenges reward: Cake Back Bling
  • Login Reward: Take the Cake Emote

In every birthday celebration, Fortnite definitely always offers some great challenges that the players should complete to gain any rewards within. Unlike the past two years, the 1st Fortnite birthday took place in September rather than July. It is because July is definitely the birthday of Fortnite: Save the World.

Meanwhile the Fortnite Battle Royale is the far more popular and free to play battle royale mode launched in September of 2017. Then as an afterthought and surely as a clever response to the popularity of PUBG at the time.

So, on this Fortnite’s third birthday, the game has changed pretty drastically from its first birthday celebration. However, it is more than a little wild liar to think it has been around this long. Although it may have lost the new shine, it is still incredibly popular.

Like with past years, the birthday cakes are quite massive and fairly easy to spot. But, some of them are hiding behind walls or inside the buildings. Well, searching for the balloons may be a spot first.

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