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In the Fortnite game, there are a lot of challenges that you have to complete. Challenges in Season 10 is live in Fortnite Battle Royale. In the mission of Week 6, the name of the challenge is Boogie Down and the most of the tasks are dancing in some places around the island.

Now, you may want to do this challenge but you do not know the location of where you have to do the challenge. The challenge that you have to do in this challenge is dancing in front of a bat statue, a way above ground pool and a seat for giants. So, where do we have to do the challenge?

In the challenges, you have to bust a move in front of three unique landmarks. It is easy to do but there is a difficult thing which is tracking down the landmarks. First, let’s find out where the bat statue. This statue is able to be found in the northern portion of Haunted Hills. Then, the way above ground pool can be found on the Floating Island which returned to the game following the 10.20 content update. And seat for giant is located in the snowy biome in the south of Shifty Shafts. This place is like a massive wooden chair so you will not be able to miss it.

Now, how to complete this challenge? Well, now you know where the location of each thing in this challenge and you can go to your Fortnite account. You have to do now is going to the three landmarks and then you have to use a dance emote in front of them. It is important for you to know that you do not need to visit all three within a single round to be able to complete the standard challenge so that you are able to head to one, get eliminated and after that you are able to hop into another match and then repeat the process until you have visited all three. In case you are hoping that you are able to complete the Prestige version of this challenge, you will have to dance in front of all three landmarks within a single match.

There is a little bit information about Above Ground Pool. You need to know that the floating island which is powered by the mysterious purple cube from 2018’s Fortnitemares event reappeared a few weeks back and currently there is a motel on it with what is technically an in ground pool. It is a lot of feet ‘way above ground’ as a result. The floating island moves and it makes the prestige version of this challenge tricky. Someone has tried this challenge on the day it was released and he said that the island was directly above the ‘seat for giants’ so to complete them together is very easy.

If you want to do this challenge now, do this now since now you have known where you have to dance in the location. So, good luck for you and you can share your experience here after you complete the challenge.

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