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You may have played Fortnite game for a long time. Then, you want to know how is the value of your Fortnite account so that you need to know some information about Fortnite account value calculator. Some people want to know about the value of their account since they want to sell their account. But some others want to know it just for fun.

To know the value of your Fortnite account, you need a Fortnite account value calculator. You are able to find it online. One of online Fortnite account value calculator that you are able to use is Player Auctions. This is an online Fortnite account value calculator that can estimate the prices of your account depending on the information that you fill in.

When you access the site, you will be able to see the form in the main page and you have to fill in the form. In the form, there are 8 boxes and here we have some explanation of each box so that you do not enter the wrong information.

  • Edition box. You surely know that Epic Games released a lot of editions of the game and this is a factor in the calculation of the price. So, you are able to choose the one edition that applies to the account in question. When you click on the drop down button of Edition box, the options are Free to Play, Founder’s Pack, Standard Edition, Deluxe Edition, Super Deluxe Edition, Limited Edition, and Ultimate Edition.
  • Level box. This box is concerned with the levels you got throughout the competitive seasons. In case you have got level 10 on one season and 30 the next, the account level will be in 130.
  • V-Bucks box. V-Bucks is the premium currency and you can buy it with real money. For this reason, any amount left in the account will affect the price of your account.
  • Battle Pass Tier box. Battle Pass offers rewards free pass owners do not have access to. It has tiers which depend on how many Battle Stars you have got and each tier will reward different things.
  • # of Uncommon Skins, Rare Skins, Epic Skins, and Legendary Skins box. It maybe the most important information which the calculator ask. Skins are a big draw to the account you are selling or buying and their rarity can affect the price considerably. If your account has more rare skins, it will not be worth as much as those with more epic or legendary skins.
  • Final Question which ask you whether the name can be changed. The answer of this question is only two including Yes and No. This is an indicator of whether or not the name was changed recently since display names can only be changed once every two weeks.

After you know what each box is, now you are able to enter each box in this Fortnite account value calculator. After you fill in all the boxes and also give a tick to the Final Question, you have to click on the Calculate the Account Value Now button. Then, the estimated price will come up.

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