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If you want to sell your Fortnite account or check if another one is priced normally, the Fortnite Account Value Checker is the best solution for you. For your information, there is one of Fortnite account value checker that you are able to use. It is Fortnite account value Calculator. It is an app that you can use to check the Fortnite account value. It is able to estimate prices depending on the information you input. However, you have to note that it only predict the prices from past offers, so remember that once you see the result.

The first thing that you will see on the app is the “Estimated Account Value”. This is where the resulting price will show up. There are eight boxes that ask for different information on the right below it. The last thing which the calculator asks is if the name can be changed. For this case, if you want the most accurate calculation, so you have to ensure that you fill in every box and answer the last question correctly.

  • The first box: Edition

Epic Games released lots of editions of the game, and it is a factor in the calculation of the price. Apparently, there are seven editions available, and you only choose the one which applies to the account in the question.

  • The second box: Level

The second box is concerned with the levels you obtained throughout the competitive seasons. If you have already reached level 100 on one season and 30 the next, the account level is going to be 130.

  • The third box: V-Bucks

As we know that V-Bucks are the primary currency of Fortnite. It is the currency which you purchase with the real money. Therefore, any amount left in the account is going to affect the price.

  • The fourth box: Battle Pass Tier

The Battle Pass offers free gifts that are not accessible to their owners. It has levels that depend on how many Battle Stars you have earned. Each level will appreciate different things.

  • The fifth to eighth box: # of Uncommon/Rare/Epic/Legendary Skins

This is probably the most important information that the calculator asks for. The Skins are a huge draw to the account you are selling/buying, and their rarity very affects the price. You have to know that an account with more rare skins will not be worth as much as those with more epic or legendary skins. But, it can still depend on the buyer if they want a specific skin more than anything else.

Well, the text above is an explanation for eight boxes on Fortnite Account Value Calculator. If you are curious to use its app, so you are able to try using it.

Actually, there are still other Fortnite account value checker that you are able to use in checking Fortnite account value. If you want to know other Fortnite account value checker, so you are able to search it by yourself from other websites.

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