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Can you advertise on fortnite? You may come to this page to find out the information about how a brand is marketing on Fortnite. As we know that Fortnite is the largest and popular games, so we are that lots of brands want to make advertise on Fortnite. To find its answer, we suggest you to keep staying on this page because we have some information about that.

Apparently, Fortnite does not feature in-game ads, but its developer Epic Games is able to code in branded content for the right opportunity. We get information that last month, the NFL brand launched a two-week sale of NFL jersey in-game skins for the players of Fortnite to buy. For this case, Fortnite is doing fine without advertisers. According to Nielsen’s Superdata, the game of Fortnite created $2.5 billion in 2018, with all of that that coming from the micropayments players create to buy cosmetic skins, dances and pre-released game modes for their characters, which range from $2 to $20.

Now, let us talk about how brands like NFL and Wendy’s are marketing on Fortnite. Once about 12 million players watched DJ Marshmello’s live set within Fortnite over Super Bowl weekend, we could almost hear the wheels in the industry’s brains start turning. The event better than any halftime show and gave a glimpse into how Fortnite could evolve into a brand-new stage for advertisers eventually. Not only did the dance party feel epic to those people within the game, it was also shareable. This combination of the spectatorship of esports and one-off events offend the interest of advertisers in the days after the virtual concert.

But it is able to be difficult. The cost of making an in-game promotion in the vein of Marshmello’s concert is high. To survive in esports, the brands have to be authentic and creative. The gamers are going to call out brands that mess up. You cannot only advertise in a community like the one Fortnite has without authority, especially if you are a non-endemic brand. According to analyst Jose Arroyo, Marshmello’s YouTube channel earned around 698,000 subscribers the day after the event, a roughly 1,800 percent increase over his January average daily subscription figure of 38,000. Besides, his YouTube views per day jumped from 7.9 million to 43.8 million or we are able to say that it is roughly 500 percent.

Now, The advertisers already have winning at Fortnite are those that are part of the community synonymous with the game. Fast-food restaurant named Wendy’s did this last November once it hosted its first livestream of the game on Amazon-owned Twitch. Apparently, Wendy’s set up a stream on the video site for free last November once it co-opted the game’s “Food Fight” mission. The missions in Fortnite are only available for a limited period, making the opportunities for brands like Wendy’s to do more “firsts” rather than repeating an existing activation. The last word, if you need more information about this, just send us an email for assistance.

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