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You may ever heard about a person who made $8,000 within three months from Fortnite Affiliate and you are curious how does a person make that much money from Fortnite Affiliate. From this article, you are able to get the answer you need. So, just keep staying on this page until you really be satisfied.

Epic’s Support-A-Creator program enables the creators to earn money from Fortnite and games in the Epic games store. Below are the requirements for this way and also where you need to go to get an EpicGames creator account:


  • Instagram Account with around 1,000+ Followers.
  • Money to Invest.
  • A Vendor for Instagram Mentions
  • An EPIC Support-a-creator Account:
  1. Payment methods from EpicGames: PayPal or Bank from the US.
  2. If you want to withdraw from your balance, you are required to be able to fill out a tax form.

You need to have a page of a large audiences before you get approve to Epic Games creator account. What we mean by that is that Epic Support is going to ask you for a large-looking account to see if you will qualify to become an affiliate marketer or not. What we did was create an Instagram page and sent 10,000 followers to it from a vendor. For this case, you have to find a reliable seller online.

After you have all of the requirements, now let us move on to the next step.

  • Create an Instagram account which is niche related to Fortnite. You are able to make your bio look professional like “Daily Fortnite Content”.  For us, when we were testing the method, we had only one post. But the less suspicious the account looks, the better and trusting your account will appear.
  • Create an image with a V-bucks gift card giveaway. That is  what we did exactly but you are able to add your own twist to see what will convert. In the description, you are able to put; “When you complete the three steps, please check your DM in one hour for your free gift-card code”. Usually, they end up forgetting. Besides, you need to go to Support-a-creator in the item shop and put [YOUR EPIC CREATOR NAME]. Then, tag 3 Friends (to maximize profit).
  • Please look for a reliable vendor that supplies you with Instagram mentions or DMs. What we did were targeted the followers of the @fortnite account. Or look for an account with high engagement rates, you are going to get a higher response rate.

Based on our experience, for every 1,000 tagged, we would get 4-5 people that will put our name on their Support-a-Creator. We took the amount of how much other creators make and divide it by the number of supporters they have. It turns out that on average, each supporter equals about $1.20. If you have 100 supporters, so you are going to average $120. If we spend $2 on 1,000 mentions, we will have 4-5 new supporters. Then, 4-5 supporters = $4 to $6.

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