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AFK or away from keyboard is the situation where you are not in front of your screen. People usually use the bot to help them while they are away or while they have something to do like they have to go to bathroom, and so on.

The bot can help you many things while you are away, including farming XP. Aside from the bot, it is said that you can use the script below:

// When in Lobby click on D-Pad to start script
// Works for both PS4 and XBOX ONE
// Credit: dricon
#include <titanone.gph>

int onoff;

if(event_press(PS4_DOWN)){onoff = !onoff;

combo AFK
set_val(PS4_CIRCLE, 100);
set_val(PS4_CIRCLE, 0);
set_val(PS4_TRIANGLE, 100);
set_val(PS4_TRIANGLE, 0);
set_val(PS4_CROSS, 100);
set_val(PS4_CROSS, 0);

However, AFK is not recommended as it is considered as a nightmare for the team that the player is away from keyboard and usually it will make the team lost. The team might lose its balance. Due to its risk, a lot of people against this activity and do not encourage the teammates to do so. They usually report the player or the teammate who is away from keyboard.

If you AFK and your teammates or the other players know that you are away from keyboard, as well as report your shady activity, there is a high chance of you to be banned. Epic Games relies on some players reporting you for AFKing for bans. If you are AFK and there are a lot of players reporting you, then you will likely to be banned.

In order to prevent from getting banned, you are not recommended to AFKing. If you want to farm XP, it is better for you to use the legal way. There are some methods to do so. The first one is to last longer in matches. The longer the player last in a match and more skills they get, the more XP they will earn. Beside, you will also want to at least until the first circle arrives, so going in spicy and dropping straight into Titled Towers is not always practical.

The second option to choose is to buy the Battle Pass. For everyone who is serious about earning XP, please buy the current season’s Battle Pass as soon as it is available. You will get XP multiplayers as soon as possible for playing alone or with friends, increasing your earns for any matches you play. The more the player level it up, the higher the multiplier goes.

The third method that you can try is to play with friends. Playing with them will reward more XP as you have the Battle Pass purchased. It is better for you to have a full squad and the multiplayer can give you a real boost. Another advantage of playing with friends is to play better together and survive longer. This can increase the XP gains at the end of the match.

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