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For those Fortnite players who simply cannot get enough of the game, your countless hours put in will reap you a unique set of rewards, once you hit level 100. It appears that Epic Games, the developers of Fortnite, have heard the requests from the players for level 100 rewards, giving an extra incentive to go for that final push, even when you have unlocked all of the battle pass skins and gear.

With the Fortnite v6.20 update going live on October 24, the data miners got to work digging through the files, and came across three new cosmetics that show up to be specifically created for players who hit 100.

With the Fortnite Season 6 well underway, and the event called Fortnitemares now live, there are a lot of things to play for this season, and so there is no better time to grind away up to hitting max level and getting those prices. Hypex, the data miner and Youtuber, discovered the three new items. Those are a banner, a soray, and an emoji. All of them will all presumably be unlocked upon hitting 100.

What people do not know is whether these rewards will be for Season 6 or for a future season, but considering they have been added in the Fortnite v6.20 update, it is likely for Season 6. Apparently, the Fortnite v6.20 update was one of the biggest so far in the game, almost as big as the whole new season, with map changes, new Monster Zombies, skins, weapons, and many more.

The developer is clearly trying to make sure there is plenty of fresh content and incentive to keep playing over the Fall and Holiday period, especially with lots of other popular games releasing now and in the next two months.

For those who have never tried getting to level 100 before, this season might be the best time. in short, in order to reach level 100 you need 80,000 points. From level 100 there are 50,000 points plus 250 per level. At level 101 you need 50,000 points, at level 102 about 50,000 points and 250, and so on. for instance, for level 150 you will require 62,000 points, for level 200 about 75,000 points, and for level 300 about 100,000 points. If you want to reach level 100 you need 7.6 million points in total. From level 101 to level 200 you will need 6.2 million. If you want to reach level 300 you will require a whopping 15 million points in total. For those who want to reach level 400 you will need 33.6 million total points and at level 500 you will require more than 40 million points.

Upon reaching level 100 you get a banner. when you pass level 200 you will get a banner with two starts. At level 300, you will get a banner with three starts. As you are able to see, the rewards for reaching the upper levels are not very worthwhile, and you need to make sure of the additional objectives to far exceed the 100 level of the battle pass.

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