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Before you determine to play Fortnite, certainly you will explore first what kind of feature on Fortnite that really answer you needs, don’t you? If so, it is so normal for you because most of gamers will look for it before they play a game. Then, what make you so interested on Fortnite? What is the feature on Fortnite that really make you enjoy to play it?

On Fortnite, there is an awesome feature that will really entertain the Fortnite players. The feature is called as emotes. This feature focuses on an action in which the character will dance moves or doing another action. Generally, the dance moves perform in Battle Royale and also in Save the World. On Fortnite, emotes are included into cosmetic items that can be everything from dances to taunts to holiday themed too.

The Emotes dance can be purchased in the Item Shop using V-bucks or after won in the Battle Pass seasons. However, the emotes dance is a kind of way that can express yourself on the battlefield in many bizarre ways at all. To active the emote dance, you have to press B on your keyboard or down on a controller d-pad.

Are you interested to know the list of all emotes dances on Fortnite 2020? Here, we give them for you:


Rarity Type Set Description



Rare Emote Show off your emotes
Battle Call Uncommon Emote Heed the call

200 v-bucks

Be Seeing You

Uncommon Emotes John Wick Not if I see you first

200 v-bucks

Be Hold! Uncommon Emote W look at this!

200 v-bucks

Best Mates

Rare Emote Who is your best mate?
Boing! Epic Emotes Put a little spring into your step


Rare Emote Step up and show ‘em what you have got.


Epic Emote Scallywags

The sea delivers

Boogie Down Epic Emote Boogie Dowb with Populotus


Epic Emote Break it down.
Breakin’ Epic Emote Bust a move!

80 v-bucks

Breaking Point

Uncommon Emote Give ‘em a break 200 v-bucks
Breezy Uncommon Emote Hot Air Any way the wind blows

200 v-bucks

Bring It

Uncommon Emote Let’s see what you have got 200 v-bucks

Brush Your Shoulders

Uncommon Emote Get that dirt off your shoulder

200 v-bucks


Uncommon Emote John Wick Brush it off 200 v-bucks
Busy Rare Emote I will be with you in just a moment

500 v-bucks


Rare Emote Think about it.
Cheer up Epic Emote Be aggressive

800 v-bucks


Uncommon Emote Jump for joy 200 v-bucks
Dab Rare Emote Express yourself on the battlefield

500 v-bucks

Dance Moves

Common Emote To Express yourself
Electro Shuffle Rare Emote Express yourself on the battlefield

800 v-bucks

Pop Lock

Epic Emote Lock it down 800 v-bucks
True Heart Epic Emote <3

800 v-bucks

Squat Kick

Epic Emote Don’t skip leg day 800 v-bucks
Star Power Epic Emote No Autographs please

800 v-bucks

Unfortunately, we just share to you some emotes dance lists on Fortnite. If you want to know more, you can visit this link to get them:

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