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In the Season 10, you have to complete the Dance at different telescope and Dance at different telescopes in a single match challenges. These are part of the Storm Racers Mission in the Season 10. You may not know where the locations of the telescopes so that now we are going to inform you where they are.

The locations of the telescopes are on top of inaccessible mountains so you will have to either glide down on them from above or you are able to build up to their summits in order to access them. If you reach the Fortnite telescope location, you are able to fire up a dance emote and then you will be able to add it to your collection.

So, where are the locations of the telescopes? You are able to find them as we explained in the list below.

  • Dusty Depot

You are able to find a telescope here to the west of Dusty Divot on a mountain in grid F5. Here, you will find a Fortnite telescope together with a wooden chair and also cooler nestled near some trees.

  • Shifty Shafts

You will find a solitary Fortnite telescope near three frosty trees slightly southeast of Shifty Shafts at the edge of the snow biome in grid E7.

  • Moisty Palms

You are able to find a Fortnite telescope alongside an RV holiday set up  and a couple of handy chests to boot in the southwest of Moisty Palms on the top of the desert peaks in grid H9.

Do you know how to complete the challenges? If you know where to look, you are able to complete this challenge. To complete this challenge, you have to dance in front of all three telescopes for your progress to count and they are spread just far enough apart to make trekking between them in a single round inconvenient. The easiest way that you are able to do to complete this challenge will likely be to dance at one, get eliminated and then you have to jump into another round and repeat the process until you have checked off all three.

If you have completed all seven of Week 8’s Storm Racers challenges, you will be able to unlock a set of more difficult Prestige challenges. The Prestige version of this particular task orders you to be able to dance at two of the telescopes in a single match. The best bet for being able to complete that is to go to the telescopes near Dusty Depot and Shifty Shaft because they are the closest together.

So, in each challenge in every Season of Fortnite, you will be received different challenges and you have to complete the challenges well in each Season. So far, what challenges are difficult for you? Is this challenge difficult for you? Or, is this challenge the easiest one? Well, each of you will have your own answer. Whatever your answer is, enjoy the game and hopefully you are able to complete the challenge well.

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