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Here is where the Shiver Inn Landmark is located in Fortnite and where you are able to find some Ammo Boxes for the Winterfest Challenge. For your information, Epic are known to make map changes in Fortnite Battle Royale in Chapter 1 when the map was around for 10 seasons. There have not been many map changes that have been made to the Chapter 2 map, seeing as it is brand new and it is the first season with this new map. But, in v11.30 there were some changes that were made.

One of the additions in this update was the Shiver Inn and this is not a marked POI on the map, but is a landmark. Now, we are going to show you exactly where it is located on the map and also where you are able to find some Ammo Boxes in order to complete the Day 16 Winterfest Challenge.


As we said before that the Shiver Inn was added to the map in the v11.30 update. It is able to be found southwest of Retail Row and southeast of Lazy Lake. As soon as you have gone to this location, you will be able to see The Shiver Inn Landmark show up on your screen on the bottom left.


One of the Winterfest Challenges need you to find two Ammo Boxes in either The Workshop, Shiver Inn, or Ice Throne and here are some of the Ammo Box locations in the Shiver Inn. On the first floor, you will be able to find the two Ammo Boxes you are looking for, one on the left side of the Inn. There is also an Ammo Box that you are able to find in front of the bar on the first floor of the Shiver Inn and there could be one behind the bar as well. Please remember that the Ammo Boxes do not spawn in every game, but there should be enough for you to complete the challenge. The challenge does not need you to find the Ammo Boxes in the same match, so it will be easy to complete.


Unlike previous challenges, this one does not need you to visit more than one area. Usually, Epic Games has you run around from spot to spot for completing the challenge. But, now you only need to know where one of the locations is. For your information, there are three choices for where to search Ammo Boxes: The Workshop, Shiver Inn, and the Ice Throne. They are all near named locations so they are not too much of a hassle to visit. The Workshop is able to be found west of Weeping Woods and south of Holly Hedges. For the Shiver Inn, you are going to want to head southeast of Lazy Lake, past the river. On the mountainside is an ice-themed hotel that is where you want to look. Lastly, the Ice Throne is the northern part of the map, just above Pleasant Park. At any one of these locations, you are able to search two Ammo Boxes, and the challenge is done.

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