Fortnite Apres Ski Dance Floor Location Week 10 Challenge Guide

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In Fortnite, you will be amazed with any challenges offered. Indeed, every challenge in Fortnite kindly will give you any reward that you never think before. Well, Fortnite challenge has become the great way that Epic Games do to make the players still cozy in playing Fortnite.

Time after time, the people around the world who are interested to play Fortnite definitely raise. How about you? We guess that if you are veteran Fortnite player, you really know for any challenges offered either the kind of challenges or about the rewards you will obtain with it.

So, it is so normal if every player absolutely loves for any challenges in Fortnite. Generally, the challenge in Fortnite is not far from finding the location. After you find the location, of course you will be required to do something such as dance, damage any objects and many more.

Whatever the type of challenges offered in Fortnite, the basic thing that you need to complete is to find the location. So, we suggest you when you want to complete the challenges in Fortnite, you surely have to know the exact location first.

Now, Fortnite Chapter 2 Season 3 Week 10 become a good time for you to make this game more alive. On the other words, there are any new excellent tasks for you who are a fan of Battle Royale.

Well, what is one of excellent challenges that you need to complete in Fortnite Week 10?

Dancing on Apres Ski Dance Floor for 10 seconds may become the first tricky challenge for you. However, it is not easy to dance on this location. But, you do not have to worry, we are here to guide you finding the tips and tricks to complete this challenge.

Where to find the dance floor on the Apres Ski?

Apres Ski is an unnamed landmark that you can find on the Season 3 Map. You totally can find the exact location of Apres Ski in the southern portion of the map near the snow-capped mountain southwest of Misty Meadows. If you use the coordinate grid, you can find it between D8 and E8. To more detail, it is better for you to see the map.

For your information, Apres Ski is a cool little ski lodge featured with a gorgeous design which is good to party. Then, you can find the Dance Floor inside the lodge. When you find the Apres ski, you certainly will see a little lodge that appears to be some clutter on the rooftop.

How to do the dance on the Dance Floor on the Apres Ski?

To complete this challenge, as we explained above, you need to dance on the dance floor for 10 seconds. Well, to dance, you need to press d-pad down first, tap ! on mobile or B on the keyboard to bust out your favorite emote.

After you get it, perform the dance for 10 seconds. Finally, the challenge to dance On The Apres Ski Dance Floor For 10 Seconds in Week 10 is totally done.

When the challenge is completed, you surely will obtain 35,000 XP as the reward. So, what are you waiting for?

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