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Looking for Clan or LFC is the name of a universal tool which connects players and clans alike. As a player, you can browse the extensive list of clans and filter by game, console, member base and more. Aside from that, you can also create a player listing and let clans come to you with recruitment offers. As a clan owner, you are able to create your clan profile and boost your exposure. Feel free to promote yourself and increase your member base.

For those who want to join an upcoming pro team, a clan named Aqua may be a good option for you. Aqua clan is a gaming clan mostly for Fortnite. Aside from Fortnite, they actually play more games but they do not want to list them. Aqua clan one was created by TTVHAWKS. You just have to tryout to join. Do not forget to join Discord. This one now has a server for every skill level, but a pro server is in the make. Here is what you need to know about Aqua pro/esports clan.

  1. Casual Team:
  • No wins needed.
  • Has a bit knowledge about how the game works.
  1. Master Team:
  • Have more than 100 wins.
  • 1.5 KD
  • Scrim experience
  1. Pro Team:
  • Have more than 250 wins
  • 2.0 KD+
  • Play div 6+
  • Scrim exp
  1. Esports team:
  • Have more than 350 wins
  • 3.0 KD+
  • Play champions division
  • Scrip exp
  • Needs to be able to play every day

Aside from that, there are also some people needed by the Aqua clan. The first one is GFX designers for sum cool logo designs. The second one is editors that can make cool montages in the near future. The third one is players that can host custom matches.

Now, Aqua clan also trains casuals for the pro server. This one will join the esports division soon and will have a clan war tournament. For those who are interested in joining them or if you have more questions, you can DM the team on Discord. For those who own a clan with more than 50 members and pro players, you are also able to send them DM. For your information, they started an organization with more than 18 clans. If you want your clan to be a part of this too, feel free to DM them.

Aside from Aqua clan, you might also want to consider Rise of Kings Gaming Community. Rise of Kings is the name of the gaming community created to be open to all people from different platforms and games and from anywhere around the globe in a closed environment. The purpose of it is to provide somewhere for people who have been outcast from the other communities due to power hunger. They used to be a 450+ member community but started fresh on a new server under a new name but came to realise that it was not working. In the end, they decided to restart with the old name and branding but a new structure.

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