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Fortnite Area 51 is the name of the popular topic in Fortnite Creative, but this certain map by MTL_RELLIK is one of the best that haven been seen so far. In the typical hide and seek fashion, small groups of players descend on the mysterious government facility and squeeze into each possible nook and cranny in order to avoid their friends. This map succeeds most in the design of it with its wide open spaces and big alien spececraft.

The code of Fortnite Area 51 Creative is 3497-7925-3294. The main goal of the map is that two teams compete to catch their flag, then return to their home base in order to score a point. Technically, the code is a few months old, but people really love it to the point it always included in the best map codes of Fortnite Creative.

Fortnite Creative continues to expand with the new features and methods to leverage Epic Games’ masterful third person shooter engine. Aside the code related to Area 51, there are some other highlighted codes. They are the best mainstream and niche map codes you should be playing right now.

The first one is Oo V Dylan V Oo Find the Button (4333-3985-9758. The thing called Find the Button is a new trend in Fortnite Creative. In this one, single players or small groups have to search through a crowded car dealership in order to find a series of buttons. The only method to escape the parking lot puzzle is to find them all. It is not only really unique, but also is very challenging. If you are a fan of scavenger hunts, you should definitely check it out.

The second one is Gruß vom Krampus – Murder Mystery (9667-3113-4873). In this one, teams of detectives work to solve a mystery while avoiding the dangerous threat that lies within. With that in mind, it combines basic puzzle solving with solid shooting mechanics in interesting ways. The aesthetic is also super creepy that makes it lots of fun to explore with your friends.

The third one is Flying Deathrun (7147-3986-8086). After the parody of a traditional deathrun, players will find that this one is more unique. You will be able to find lots of deathruns in Creative, but this one demands on you that lay far beyond the standard parkour requirements.

The fourth one is Boxfight with Double Pump (7791-3018-7307). Epic Games has taken all sorts of measures to prevent players from abusing double pump in Fortnite. On the other hand, this small arena encourages it. you need to find your friends in 1v1, 2v2 or 3v3 action focused entirely on endlessly swapping between shotguns.

The last one is 120 Ways to Die 2.0 Deathrun! Ez+ Medium (7599-7900-3834). This one features 6 sections with 20 levels each, and each set focuses on different kinds of parkour challenges. If you want to open the gate and escape the area, you must conquer them all. It does not matter which paths you choose, the results are painful.

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