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Epic Games took their times in adding a competitive mode to the game called Fortnite. now there is a metric to measure your skill against the other players. The Arena mode in the game is pretty far from perfect. There are methods to get more Hype quicker than just playing endless games. it does not always give skill.

Although Arena mode is only used for deciding who gets to compete in in-game events, it is a big deal. They carry prize pools of millions of dollars and could have given you the chance to join the pros in the Fortnite World Cup. since this mode is an important part of playing competitively, you have to know how to use it. the scoring is not great, but there are a few strategies you are able to use to get more Hype points in the game.

How is the Fortnite Arena point system?

  • Victory Royale – You earn 3 Hype points.
  • Reach Top 5 – Your earn 2 Hype points.
  • Top 15 – You earn 2 Hype points.
  • Reach Top 25 – This fairly minor accomplishment earns you 3 Hype Points.
  • Eliminations – 1 Hype point for every kill.

Please keep in mind that this scoring is universal across every division until you reach the top. However, there is a bus fare. Once you start to rise in ranks you need to pay some Hype points to actually enter the game. this one varies based on your rank. For your information, the bus fare is 3 for the first three divisions, divisions four and five each cost 1 Hype point, six will run you 2, and division seven costs 3 Hype points, meaning you are going to have to prioritize different strategies as you progress.

As you progress through the ranks, you have to earn different amounts to level up. Here is the details of the divisions.

  • Division 1 – You need zero hype, every player starts here.
  • Division 2 – 25
  • Division 3 – 75
  • Division 4 – 125
  • Division 5 – 175
  • Division 6 – 225
  • Division 7 – 300

Every increment is of fifty until you reach the last division, which requires 75 Hype points if you want to get into the Champion League. Then, how do you grind up these leagues?

For those who want to get the most Hype points as quickly as possible, you have to prioritize it over actually playing well. If you can get through to the top five spaces, you earn 7 Hype points and along with however many kills you get. It will probably work out at somewhere between 8 and 12. However, the common Fortnite game will run down to the final 25 really fast as long as the bus route is correct. It means you will probably have gotten your first five of those points in the opening 4 to 6 minutes. Please be aware of your limitations if you want to prioritize Hype points. You are likely going to be eliminated the further into a game you are.

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