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Fortnite: Battle Royale has a mode named Arena mode which was introduced with the v8.20 update. It is a new way for Fortnite players to be able to compete with other players in professional game settings and get a place in major online and offline competitions with money as a prize.

In this Arena Mode, there are permanent Solo, Duos, and Trios game mode with competitive settings. It means that it is not like Events and Tournaments since it is always enabled for players. In this mode, you as a player will have a rank which is represented by your division. You will begin in the Open League, Division One. You will be able to rank up to Division 10 whcih is the Champion Division III by getting points named Hype based on the number of eliminations that you get and your placement in each match. If you are able to get a certain number of Hype points in some matches, it will permit you to be able to head to the next Division or League.

In the Arena Mode, there are 10 Divisions in total and those are divided in Open, Contender and also Champion League. Here are the details of the divisions.

  • Divisions One to Four – Open League
  • Divisions Four to Seven – Contender League
  • Divisions Eight to 10 – Champion League

As a Fortnite player in Arena Mode, you are able to get Hype in all divisions and it will be based on the number of eliminations that you get and also your placement in each match as we mentioned earlier. If you join the Solos and Trios, the Hype that you get for each of these are similar. However, you pay Hype in high divisions to be able to play each match.

Arena Scoring Solo

How about scoring especially for Solo in Arena Mode? Knowing the system of scoring when you want to play Arena Mode is important because you will know your target and then you will be able to make a strategy how to be able to reach your goal to be the winner in the game. Scoring for Solo in Arena Mode is explained in the list below.

  • For Eliminations, you will get 20 points.
  • If you become Top 25 Placement, you will get 60 points. A fair bit for a quarter of all entrents.
  • If you become Top 15 Placement , you will get 30 points. It is important for you to know that it is a little harder to get, but achievable in most games.
  • If you become Top 5 Placement, you will get 30 points.
  • If you become Victory Royale, you will get 60 points

Now, you have known the Scoring system for Solo in Arena Mode. So, currently you are able to think of what you will do in the game and how to win the game. You are able to prepare what you need for the game now and you are able to discuss with others in forum for some suggestions.

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