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Do you want to play Atlantis Scrims league and need to join the Discord? Well, you may want to join the Discord but you do not know the Discord server name of Atlantis Scrims. You have come to this site and deciding to read this article is a good decision since we are going to inform you about the Atlantis Scrims Discord.

The server name of Atlantis Scrims on Discord is Atlantis Scrims and now it has more than 246k members. You are able to join the discord to get complete information about Atlantis Screams with live leaderboards. Besides joining the Discord, you are also able to follow the twitter accounts of Atlantis Scrims including @ATLScrims_EU and @Team_Atlantis. In the Twitter account, they also inform everything about Atlantis Scrims such as league, winner of the league, and many things.

The website of Atlantis Scrims can be accessed at If you access the site, you are able to get more information as well about Atlantis Scrims including how to be able to join the league. So, it is easy to find information about Atlantis Scrims since there are a lot of sources that can be followed such as Twitter, Discord and website.

In the Atlantis Scrims, there are two leagues including NA League and EU League. If you want to join in Atlantis Scrims NA, you have to join the Discord at Atlantis Scrims NA which now has more than 155k members. But, if you want to join the Atlantis Scrims EU league, you can join the Discord Atlantis Scrims which we have mentioned above.

Atlantis League will begin from Season 11, Week 2 and everyone will begin in Open Division. After Week 2, they will promote 15% of the players to Contenders Division. For all subsequent Weeks, they will be promoting between 2% and 15% of player from Open Division. It will depend on how many new people will join the league. The sooner you begin, the better chances you have to secure your place at Contenders Division.

How to join Atlantis EU League? If you want to join this league, you have to follow the steps below.

  • First, you have to join Atlantis Scrims Discord Server. The name of the server is Atlantis Scrims and now it has more than 246k members. Here is the link of Atlantis Scrims Discord server:
  • After that, you have to go to #verification channel and then follow the instructions there.
  • If you have verified, you have to access this and then sign up. You also have to download the client and join Atlantis Scrims playground.
  • Inside the Atlantis Scrims playground, the thing that you have to do is joining Open Division – Squads lobby depending on your role.
  • Then, the codes of custom game will be posted during scheduled times.

Well, now you have known how to join the league and also have known the Discord of Atlantis Scrims. What are you waiting for? You are able to join the Discord now and start to join the league.

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