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A new great brand called Automatic Sniper rifle is now coming. However, this is one of the Fortnite weapons that you must have at all. Of course, there is no doubt about this weapon in its function and strength. So, this weapon is definitely predicted as a potential Fortnite weapon. Then, what does the Automatic Sniper Rifle look like?

If you are really curious to know what the Automatic Sniper Rifle looks like, absolutely you have to keep looking for the information showing about this weapon. However, knowing the appearance of the weapon and its function is totally a must for you.

But, if you are a veteran Fortnite player, of course, you already know what it looks like. Then, our article focuses on giving the information needed by newcomers of Fortnite when they are considering whether to buy the weapon or not.

The facts about Automatic Sniper Rifle will make you really amazed. Why? Due to the great function of this weapon, it definitely already makes the players so interested to get it.

Before you decide to buy this Automatic Sniper Rifle, it is really better for you to know the facts about it.

Automatic Sniper Rifle is a kind of Fortnite weapon included as a sniper rifle. This weapon is now available in Epic, Rare and also Legendary variants.

What makes this weapon so gorgeous to have? Of course, if we talk about the benefit that you can get from this weapon, one thing that you have to know is this Automatic Sniper Rifle uses Medium Bullets as the ammunition, not use the usual Heavy Bullets at all.

Moreover, this Sniper is fully automatic which holds a magazine of 16 bullets and the projectiles. Need to know that the fires are faster than any sniper. Then, this Automatic Sniper Rifle has been vaulted in Patch 11.0 in order to free up your space. This sniper also was vaulted because not lots of players use this in the game.

Here are the facts about Automatic Sniper Rifle:

  • This Automatic Sniper Rifle was inspired by the VSS Vintorez Sniper Rifle, because of the similar scope, stock and overall design of this weapon.
  • The reload animation of this sniper is as same as the Heavy Sniper Rifle.
  • It is not the first automatic sniper due to the Semi-Auto Sniper rifle being automatic too. Then, it technically just fired out a bullet when a trigger was held.
  • But, the Semi-Auto Sniper Rifle and Storm Scout Sniper Rifle were better than this Automatic Sniper Rifle because it has more damage and headshot multiplier, common to find, pretty basic and does not consume a lot of ammon. Then, it also reloads faster than the Automatic Sniper Rifle.

Due to the long reload, the low damage and reduced zoom, of course, this Automatic Sniper Rifle is arguably the worst sniper in the game. But, this Automatic Sniper Rifle is still worthy to use as long as you know its benefit.

Note: When you use this weapon, make sure to keep your opponents pinned down at the long range with this.

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