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What is the average kills per win in Fortnite? Apparently, the average skills in Fortnite per win depends on the game mode. On solo, the average player would get 5 to 6 kills who actually wins. Anything more than 10 is a lot on any mode. If you get over 20, then you are an expert.

Aside from that, some people also think that the average kills depends on yourself. There is a general basis towards how many kills is a lot by the community of Fortnite but everything depends on how many you really think is a lot. The main reason is that a lot of comes to personal preference on the level that you are at. For those who are starting out a few kills may be a lot for you like 2 or 3 and that is fine. However, if you are averaging 5 to 6 kills a game that is a lot as well as long as that is what you feel is a lot. For example, there is a player who has played a lot of games and gotten better at it so 5 to 6 kills to them is a low count and they know they could get more. For some people who find themselves average players, 10+ is a great, the more they play the better they get, that number will eventually become a low count. When you look at streamers and layers of the Fortnite that are really good you will see that 10 to 15 kills is actually low for them. They usually try to average around 20 per game that is the standard which is amazing but they are so great.

Talking about the average kills, you might be curious about the world records Fortnite Battle Royale kills. Here is the Fortnite Battle Royale kills world records as of October 17, 2019.


Mode Kills Player(s) Date
Solo 34 Rizart 11-04-18
Solo versus Duo 35 Payamz 10-21-18
Duo 55 Slastt (28), spook (27) 06-23-19
Solo versus Squad 46 Ghost Kamo 02-18-19
Duo versus Squad 52 Pityth (22), Kygozz (30) 02-22-19
Trio versus Squad 53 Mauchaso (16), Ac.Qjac (14), kyaroninzin (26) 09-28-18
Squad 59 3vil (12), 7ssk7 (16), Jamside (21), whistle (10) 09-26-18

Console: XB1/ PS4

Mode Kills Player(s) Date
Solo 30 Webs 09-23-18
Solo versus Duo 32 Gronky 04-25-18
Duo 46 NickMercs (23), NioiLy (23) 01-30-18
Solo versus Squad 42 Apokalypto 03-07-19
Duo versus Squad 48 Tuexy (29), Yurdy (19) 03-06-19
Trio versus Squad 50 Dhont_Eli (13), NoiDestroy (21), Paragon-Hunter (16) 09-26-19
Squad 61 Fqrbes (25), Nexjs (18), Tactjc (10), NadeXC (8) 08-10-18


Mode Kills Player(s) Date
Solo versus Squad 39 Flash 02-25-2019
Duo versus Squad 31 FataStar (5), KeaStarL (26) 05-15-18
Squad 46 WiFi (15), BonézYT (14), Not źues (11), J x 7 (6) 10-10-18


Furthest sniper kill: 491m by Gato Velandia

Furthest rocket launcher kill: 541m by Skrepped

Furthest C4 Kill: 1,368m by Yowd

Furthest Sticky Grenade kill: 180m by OMGitsHassnain

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