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Fortnite Axe or the Pickaxe or harvesting tool can be described as a tool that players are able to use to mine and break materials in the world of Fortnite. This one is also able to be used to cause damage against enemies in the game.

Fortnite Axe is divided into some rarity and some categories. Each axe costs differently. The thing is, not everyone can afford have enough money to purchase the axe. In this case, they often look for the instant way to get Fortnie Axe for free. Fortnite Axe generator is the way to get the Fortnite Axe for free.

One of the Fortnite Pickaxe generators is named Br Skins. Actually, this one is more like a site that provides the information about free things rather than a generator. In the site, you are able to see some codes that can be used to get the new exclusive Minty Pickaxe for free in Fortnite Chapter 2 or Season 11 Fortnite. Here are some of the codes:

  • FC1F3-LTY23-H8268-BT2G8
  • MLP73-R4744-B7S2A-P4533
  • VB5Y6-GMH28-QZ3M4-XWI86
  • Z4S8T-C4Y9L-U2266-S0296
  • Y1282-IL8G8-Q8G8Q-U9397
  • VT0W1-X4P8X-MBU08-Q5R9A
  • B8303-N7949-NUD10-B2T4X
  • KY6R2-XM5K1-DL0W2-H3P7A
  • EC3I1-HAM68-X2210-FJ3K2
  • SFB19-A0E4C-G0J7Z-M6207
  • WJI99-XZ9D4-Z6N5Z-P1O7N
  • T4X2D-TU3K7-WL4I0-MK6K5
  • VXW36-L6195-K4M7O-UJ6U0
  • AMKPD-2XRMH-B34NZ-2825W
  • RD5YX-EHZ3S9-5V5JX-N378
  • AMKPD-2XRMHB-34NZ2-825W
  • O1904-B7N1Q-OT0C4-X6634
  • F8P4N-F8967-G8035-KJR77
  • V4Q6J-E4Z1B-E9H0H-I0N3U
  • Q0V2R-KD4K9-Q7V9P-C8288
  • CD3G5-V2U4P-XW7J1-C9G6K
  • D1G5D-K5F5M-Z0577-EG7V3
  • HZK82-N9T5F-LP1Q7-J8W0R
  • MY6Y6-Y3E2I-Z1628-OZ8E4
  • D7182-KH8U2-NAQ96-I5V7C
  • Y3352-M3K0L-N8988-O7Y8B
  • PW6D6-I7C2Q-BNG00-ZH3K7
  • VWR21-B3Q5Z-Q8J6F-KO5C0
  • H0R1V-Q3X7H-M4770-I3F7E

Usually, if you want to get this Minty Axe, you need to go to Gamestop and ask for the free code. Now, you can just use those codes above to get the axe for free. All that you have to do is to go to the Redeem page of the official website of Fortnite and then enter the code.

Before redeeming the code, you need to know that there is no guarantee for you to get the axe as promised. There is high chance of the Fortnite axe generator to be a scam. In this case, it is better for you to purchase the Fortnite Axe using v bucks even if it takes a long time.

As stated before, Fortnite Axe can be divided into some categories. Those include Battle Pass Pickaxes, Promotional Pickaxes, and Holiday Pickaxes. Here is the details of those:

  1. Battle Pass Pickaxes:
  • Dread (Ruin Challenges)
  • Guilding Glow (T30 (S6))
  • Smash Up (T15 (S6))
  • Permafrost (250,000 XP)
  • Rift dge (100,000 XP)
  • Lug Axe (T30 (S5)
  • Baloon Axe (T15 (S5)
  • Positron (T30 (S4)
  • Onslaught (T45 (S4))
  • Trusty No. 2 (T79 (S3))
  • Samwooth (T7 (S3))
  • Eva (T46 (S3))
  • Lollipopper (T46 (S4))
  • Gale Force (T7 (S4))
  • AC/DC (T63 (S2))
  • Axecakibur (T35 (S2))
  • Pulse Axe (T7 (S2))
  • Raider;s Revenge (v 1,500)
  1. Promotional Pickaxes:
  • Crimson Scythe (Inferno Bundle)
  • Controller (PS Plus)
  • Tenderizer (Twitch Prime)
  • Instigator (Twitch Prime)
  1. Holiday Pickaxes:
  • Sprout (v 500)
  • Snow Globe (v 800)
  • You Shouldn’t Have! (v 500)
  • Carrot Stick (v 800)
  • Dragon Axe (v 800)
  • Tat Axe (v 800)
  • Reaper (v 800)
  • Close Shave (v 800)
  • Pot O’Gold (v 1,200)

In conclusion, there is a generator of Fortnite Axe that claims to give you Fortnite Axe for free. However, you are recommended to purchase the axe by spending your own v bucks to protect your Fortnite account.

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