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Is there any Aztec Warrior skin on Fortnite? If you try to search, there is no this skin. Instead, you will find Wooly Warrior. You can try to search information about Aztec Warrior skin of Fortnite but there is no result about it so it seems that the information about this is nothing.

The one that is available related to this skin is Wooly Warrior skin. So, let’s find out about it instead. Based on the Fortnite Wiki, Wooly Warrior is an unreleased Rare skin in Fortnite: Battle Royale and this skin was claimable by opening the big green present on the left side of the Lodge during the Winterfest Fortnite Event.

There are some trivia about this skin as explained in the list below.

  • This skin is a male and uses an unidentified player model alongside The Autumn Queen.
  • This skin is the second free skin in Battle Royale and another one is Lt. Evergreen.
  • This skin is in the Winterfest trailer and also in the promotional material which is distributed by Epic Games and co.
  • On December 28th, 2019 there was a glitch that permitted players to be able to get this skin early as long as said player had not opened any of the 3 presents on the right side. The player also need to make sure to open all the other presents beside from the big green one. At the end, the player was able to click on the big green present and then open it, giving them the skin.

Based on the Fortnite Insider, if you want to get the Wooly Warrior free skin, you have to make another account. You can do this if you want it early unless you have not opened the presents on the right. The only way that you can do to get the Wooly Warrior skin early is if you have opened all of the skins on the left hand side of the Lodge and if you have done it, you are able to open the large, green present on the left and then get the Wooly Warrior skin.

This skin was added in the v11.30 update. However, it was encrypted at the time. But, dataminer Silox managed to leak in-game footage of the skin which at that time was called Woolly Mammoth. Along with the LT. Evergreen skin, it was decrypted when it was available to get by opening the Christmas tree in the Lodge.

If you want to know how to get this skin virtually, you are able to watch some videos about it on youtube such as a video of Hollow entitled How to Get Woolly Warrior Skin Early in Fortnite which was uploaded on December 28th, 2019 which the duration is about 10 minutes 30 seconds; a video of TheLlamaSir How to Get Wooly Warrior *Now* in Fortnite Free! – Presents: Mammoth Skin in Battle Royale which was uploaded on December 28th, 2019 and some other videos.

If talking about Aztec, on Fortnite you are also able to find Mezmer which is a rare skin in Battle Royale and it can be gained for 1,200 V-Bucks. This skin is based off of Aztec, Mayan, and Inca statues and sculptures.

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