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Finding three Balls of Yarn at Catty Corner is one of the challenges for the game called Fortnite Chapter 2 Season 3. This one sees a return to Catty Corner, which is also where you are able to search the Catty Corner Vault. Completing the challenge will give you some XP, which will help you climb through the ranks of the Season 3 Battle Pass and unlock the new skins.

The new locations of the Catty Corner that appeared on the Fortnite map after it was flooded are located in G7. It sits south of Retail Row and south-east of Lazy Lake. Ball of Yarn is able to be found in various locations across Catty Corner, but you only have to find and search three of them in order to complete the challenge. Please keep your guard up while searching for the yarn, because not only is Catty Corner a popular location with the other players due to its vault, but it is also home to a number of hostile NPCs.

In total, you have to find three Ball of Yarn if you want to complete this challenge in Fortnite. There might be more Balls of Yarn hidden away, but if you find all three that have been listed here, you will easily be able to complete the challenge. Do not forget to search each Ball of Yarn once you have found it, while also keeping a lot out for the other players and the spies that are still hiding in Catty Corner.

The first Ball of Yarn that you need to collect is located on the platform to the west of the main Catty Corner area itself. It is better for you to land on this platform straight after jumping from the bust, because this way will not have to waste time building a staircase up to it. The second Ball of Yarn is able to be found in front of the Catty Corner Gas Station staircase in the southern part of G7. The third and the last Ball of Yarn that you have to find is located in the upstairs room of the Catty Corner Gas Station. In order to enter this room, you either have to put on a disguise at the nearby telephone booth or scan a knocked down henchman. If you are in a rush though, you are also able to just knock down the wall.

Good luck on completing the challenge named finding the Ball of Yarn at Catty Corner and do not forget that you have to search the Ball of Yarn if you want to complete this challenge. The other Week 7 challenges include searching 7 chests at Retail Row, eliminating 5 players, eliminating 50 players, searching 7 ammo boxes at Pleasant Park, getting 3 eliminations at Sweaty Sands, gaining 100 health or shields from Slurp at Slurpy Swamp, and collecting Floating Rings at Weeping Woods. Just like the Ball of Yarn challenge, you will be able to get XP.

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