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As we have known well that banner on Fortnite is an important thing that its presence should be existed a lot. However, banner icon can make your character more gorgeous with completing look. Certainly, Fortnite banner icons will be often used by every Fortnite player to add futuristic visual for their Fortnite character.

Surely, there are many icons that have launched by Epic Games to give free options for the Fortnite players. Besides, the player can choose the icon as their love complete with background color.

In this case, the players are able to edit and customize the icon and color to make your avatar more attractive to look. Need to know that Banners can be seen in the parties, lobbies and the end of the game screen next to the users’ names. But, if the players are using any of the cosmetics from the Banner Brigade Set, automatically, the banner will appear on the cosmetics.

In this case, the banner can be got through all sorts of the ways including creating a simple account, logging on, getting gifted from friends, completing any challenges, and many more.

As we have explained above that there are many kinds of banner icons that you can use for every season. Of course, in every season, the banner appears with different icon. Furthermore, every icon will have its own interests. Then, its interests will attract many players to edit and use it.

Then, one of inviting banner icon banner is Viking Hat. This icon definitely attracts many players to edit and customize a lot. So, what is Viking Hat banner icon and how does it look like?

Based on Fortnite Wiki, Viking Hat is a piece of armor in Fortnite. In this case, Armor appears as the equipment to protect the heroes against incoming damage.

Then how does it look like? As you can see on the picture, the Viking Hat presents with two horns standing above the hat. So, this Viking Hat is a good icon that the player can choose when having Battle.

Then, in what season the Viking Hat has been launched? Definitely, there is no exact information from Epic Games that confirms about the season. But, we found the facts that the Viking Hat/Helmet has been launched on Fortnite Battle Pass Season 2. This Viking Hat icon is involved into free Battle Royale icon.

The Viking Hat/Helmet has been launched which is coincided with the launch of other icons. They are:

  • Bush
  • Dusty Dog
  • Knight
  • Llama

Special Icons

  • Epic Games
  • Fortnite Nvidia
  • Paragon
  • Spyjinx
  • Unreal Engine

Season 1 Icons

  • Battle Bus

Well, those are the facts about Fortnite banner icon Viking Hat that you can find in Fortnite Battle Pass Season 2.

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