Fortnite Basketball Hoop Locations: Score a Basket on Different Hoops

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In the Fortnite Season 5 in the Week 2 Challenge, you will have to shoot hoops at different basketballs across the map. It is a Battle Pass exclusive challenge that is also reserved for players who have reached Tier 11 as you also have to unlock the Basketball Toy to sink those shots. To be able to complete it and get your Battle Stars, you will have to score 5 baskets across 5 different courts over as many matches as it takes.

To be able to complete this challenge, you will need a guide so that it will make you easier in completing this challenge. In this challenge, there will be basketball hoops across the map and after scoring in five different locations you will have to complete the challenge. How do to that? You have to use the new Basketball Toy which is added in Season 5. The first thing that you have to do is buying the Battle Pass. After that, you have to reach the Tier 11, giving you the Toy. After that, you have to go to your Emotes and equip it. Whenever you use it, it will throw a basketball in front of you. You have to do this so it will reach the net and you will score.

It is important for you to know that it is not the most foolproof challenge to complete. You have to make sure that you are a sufficient distance away to score 3 points. So, you have to stand outside of the D to be able to improve your chances. Then, you will know that you are successful when confetti rains from the hoop. You also need to make sure that you are able to complete the match as quitting early can hinder your opportunities.

So, where are the locations of the basketball hoops? Here the locations of them.

  • Greasy Grove. It is in the north eastern side.
  • Junk Junction. It is in the north eastern side on the C in Junction if you are going by the minimap.
  • Paradise Palms. It is located on the east side.
  • East of Retail Row. You will find a court outside the small cluster of buildings to the East of this location.
  • Retail Row. This is located in the Southern tip of this location.
  • Snobby Shores. You have to keep going North up Snobby Shores and then you will find it outside a large house.
  • South of Salty Springs. It is located on the big hill South of South West of salty Springs.
  • Southeast of Tomato Town. You will find a court on the Northeastern tip of this area.
  • Tilted Towers. It is located in the North Western side.
  • West of Football Pitch. To reach this place, you have to go towards the West of Tilted Towers towards the Football Pitch and the court is just to the West of the pitch itself.

Okay, we have shared the locations of Basketball hoops and now you are able to try to find them in Fornite. Good luck and hopefully you are able to complete these challenges well.

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