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When you play Fortnite, you may think of the best places to land since you think that if you can choose good place to land, it will make you easy to fight. It means that choosing a good place to land is also the part of your strategy.

Since ever one has different strategy, so everyone will have different preference of the best places to land. However, from all places in Fortnite, it seems that almost all of you agree that the places below are the best places to land on Fortnite.

  • Pleasant Park

In this place, there are some homes and standalone buildings with chests and loot to the east and west of the POI. The homes and buildings are made of different types of materials. You are able to start the game there. In this place, the place is quieter so that you are able to have the chance to gear up before you rotate south towards Loot Lake.

  • Sweaty Sands

The area of Sweaty Sands broadwalk and beach in the northwest corner of the map boasts loads of loot chests and materials. Throughout the area, wood, metal and stone are in high quantities as are loot chests. Underneath the boardwalk and scattered across the beaches are extra buried loot chests and you need to use your eyes to find them since they do not give off the typical loot chests sound.

  • Frenzy Farm

In this farm, there are a lot of wood and metal materials from all the farm structures and machinery. Also, you are able to find a lot of loot chests and hiding spots. The numerous hay piles can be used by you as a hiding spots. The hay fields and tomato trellises also provide good cover. The farm has a respawn van to bring back your teammates who are deceased. It is a good ambush point for teams or players gliding away from the power plant. The central location of the farm is a great spot to build your arsenal early and feed off of players making their way in from the edges of map.

  • Steamy Stacks

The location of Steamy Stacks is in the very northest corner of the Chapter 2 map. However, it is a tremendous starting point for players. You are able to choose to land here and then you will have access to a lot of metal materials, a lot of loot chests, a weapon upgrade station and most importantly access to two different modes of transportation which are easy to use.

  • Slurpy Swamp and Slurp Factory

The swamp and the factory have a lot of Slurp Juice which are lying around with beneficial ways of accessing it. There are Slurp Kegs in and around the factory that you are able to break open with each one will give you 10 shields and some metal materials. You are also able to increase shields and healths by standing in the glowing pools in the swamp.

So, if you have never landed on these places, since now you are able to try to land on these places and get the benefits from them.

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