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Do you love playing a popular game called Fortnite and are looking for something that can warm you up in the rainy days or something that you can give to a friend as a gift? If the answer to the question is yes, you can go to Walmart and start your hunting.

When you are there, you just need to directly go to the search bar and type “Fortnite blanket”. In just a second, you will be able to see a lot of Fortnite blankets as the result of your search. Here are some of the Fortnite blankets that you can buy from Walmart.

  1. Fortnite Give Me The Loot Blanket ($22.88)

You are able to create a customized look in the bedroom of your kid with this adorable Fortnite Five ME The Loot 62” x 90” blanket. This one has rounded corners that give it a modern look. The polyester material has a soft blend that is comfortable to warp up in. The blanket is designed with the Fortnite llama printed in a fun blue and purple design. It is deal for displaying on a bed of chair, or to wrap in while gaming. Beside, it can be a thoughtful gift option for a friend or loves one who enjoys playing the popular game too. It is able to be folded up compactly for easy storage when not being used, as well as being a handy option for travelling with for extra warmth.

  1. Fortnite 40” x 50” Silk Touch Throw ($9.96)

This one combines the warmth and the convenience of an all-purpose blanket with the popular game. This blanket features a square print that has the popular Loot Llama character along with an eye-catching pop of color to the bedroom of any gamer. This super soft thing provides comfortable warmth and is made with 100% polyester fibers, creating a plush surface that is silky and soft to touch. It is machine washable, so everything is quick and easy. All the versatile uses make it a practical gift for games of all ages.

  1. Fortnite Silky Soft Logo Throw ($14.88)

If you want something simple, you can add a sleek touch to favorite spaces with this blanket. The cool blue fabric with white logo of the blanket is fun and subtle way to incorporate elements of the game into your everyday home decor. The material of it called silk touch polyester makes it deal for use year round. It features a big logo in white lettering with a blue background that can easily match a variety of decor. This one has rounded corners, making it safe and comfortable for children to use.

For more options of Fortnite blanket that you can buy on Walmart, please visit the official website of it. when you have decided on which Fortnite blanket to buy, you can sign in using your Walmart account and follow all the processes. If you do not have an account, you are also able to check out without it but still need to enter some personal information.

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