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Why do the Fortnite players throw the Tomatoes to BLM Activist on the game screen?
What happens in Fortnite associated with a serious occurrence in real life called Black Lives Matters?

Balck Lives Matters seems to be an unending occurrence that happens in the United States. For some months ago, this serious problem led many societies to demo related to the death of George Floyd. His death was categorized as racism. Of course, the death of George Floyd has been shocking the public.

Then, what is the relationship between Black Lives Matters and Fortnite?

Certainly, Fortnite seems to have done some silent protests to Black Lives Matters in real life. Of course, the Fortnite protests were done by any deeds in the games.

First deed, Fortnite finally removed the Police car from Fortnite.  In this case, Fortnite does not want to make an imagination in which the police cars are used to attack the common citizens at all. So, that’s why Epic Games removed the police cars from Fortnite as a form of protests of Black Lives Matters.

Recently, there is another demo which is represented by Fortnite players while playing Fortnite. What is this?

Fortnite players are shocked by the Epic Games video which made the odd decision to host an in-game Black Lives Matter panel mentioned “We the People”. In this panel, the players of Fortnite Battle Royale will be forced to watch CNN commentator Van Jones, rappers “Lil Baby” and “Killer Mike” and other BLM activists about race politics on massive in-game projection screens.

Fortunately, for the Fortnite player base that primarily consists of adolescent children did not present the reaction to the profoundly tone-deaf in the game in which the Epic Games and partner Opus were hoping for it.

Then, the Van Jones’ face on the game projection screens was thrown by tomatoes by players nearby vending machines. Of course, the machine supplied an infinite stock of the digital vegetables. Meanwhile, the other lectures were met with similar treatment over the course. This treatment took an hour long event that was looped for 24 hours on every single server.

Then, the issues happen in which Epic Games is intentional to place the tomatoes vending machine next to the in-game projection screens as accused by some Black Lives Matter activists. This issue is accused as an act of covert white man although it did not provide the evidence to validate the claims.

Of course, the placing of tomato vending machines beside the projection screens in the game causes debate among the players. Many players and other citizens may have a big question why Epic Games did it.

Certainly, whatever Epic Games proposes in this game, the main thing that we have to recognize is to support the Black Lives Matter in order not to happen anymore in the United States. Absolutely, we are really hoping the racism issue stopped here.

As the Fortnite players, you can also support it by following or giving a demo when Epic Games did something wrong happen related to the Black Lives Matter.

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