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In the Fortnite world, the term BP or Battle Pass may be purchased for 950 V Bucks, and the price of 950 V Bucks has not changed since its introduction. All the Battle Pass are tied to each season of the play in the Fortnite Battle Royale and provide players a variety of items, including skins, banner icons, emotes, sprays, pets, toys, pickaxe skins, music packs, and wraps by doing the Daily Challenges and Missions.

The seasons of Battle Pass are able to last anywhere from 2 to 3 months (about 70 days). Each season, the map will change to include new features. The thing called Free Pass now has rewards beyond Level 62 because there is no difference with Battle Pass progression this time around.

For the whole year, Fortnite has been king of the battle royale genre, both in terms of players and revenue. The other games called PUBG and Blackout have attempted to unsurp the free to play shooter but Epic Games has successfully managed fend off its rival with the promise of addictive gameplay and regular updates. However, there is the new pretender to the throne.

In the span of two weeks, the Respawn’s Apex Legends has amassed 25 million players and become streamers’ battle royale of choice. The developer of Fortnite knows it has a fight on its hands and has started employing the smart tactic of giving away stuff for free to keep its player base loyal.

As the project of Fortniteknown as v7.40 update, Epic Games stated the statement to the players that if they are willing to complete 13 Overtime challenges, they will get season 8 battle pass for free. Normally, the battle pass costs 950 V Bucks or around $10 that provides players with 100 in game rewards, including skins, emotes, weapon customizations and more. All the players have until February 27th in order to complete all of the challenges, and save some cash in the process.

There is a good idea. Fortnite is currently in a post season lull. Apparently, the Season 7 Battle Pass is no longer offering any new weekly challenges and gamers are waiting for the arrival of new season content in two weeks. Please take a note that the Overtime challenges not only offer some new in game items, but it will keep people significantly engaged as Apex Legends prepares to welcome its own loyalty bonuses.

While the offer of the free Battle Pass is the most notable inclusion in today’s patch notes, the developer of Fortnite has also made some much needed tweaks to the game. There is the new weapon, the semi automatic Infantry Rifle, while two of the things called Rocket Launcher and Hand Cannon have been subtly nerfed. In addition, planes can no longer run the day of people by crashing through the structures and ziplines are now require interaction to use. If you want to know more about Fortnite BP skins for free, you are recommended to visit the community.

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