Fortnite Cameo Vs Chic Challenges Cheat Sheet

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After knowing about how to get Chic skin on Fortnite, it is really a good time for  you to complete the challenge for Fortnite Cameo Vs. Chic Challenges. However, by completing this challenge, you will get a chance to get any rewards, one of them is gorgeous chic skin. But, to make you getting pass in completing the challenge, of course, you have to learn cheat sheet first.

As we have known that cheat sheet can be defined as a guide in completing a challenge. So, learning and understanding about it can be something important for you. By understanding what the clues on cheat sheet, surely it can be easier for you to complete the challenges and determine what the goal is in the challenges.

In Fortnite Season 11 (Chapter 2: Season 1), there are three overtime challenges that you can complete. The released challenges are 8-Ball Vs. Scratch, Rippley Vs. Sludge and Cameo Vs. Skin. By completing those challenges, definitely, you will get a reward by getting a skin style.

Then, in this season, you can also get an awesome skin by completing the challenges. The challenge have been released named Cameo vs. Chic challenges. Certainly, to complete the challenges, you should learn more about the guide through cheat sheet that we have explained above.

Then, if you really want to complete the awesome challenge to get Chic Skin, it is so better for you to know all the objectives that you have to complete for Cameo Vs. Chic. Here are the cheat sheets of Fortnite Cameo Vs. Chic challenges:

  • Reaching Battle Pass Tier (80)
  • Catching the item with Fishing Rod at different location with no fishing guides (3)
  • Consuming a mushroom, an apple and a slurproom (3)
  • Completing Cameo Vs Chic mission objectives (9)
  • Searching for a rare chest or supply Llama (5)
  • Giving elimination at different named locations (5)
  • Catching a fish at Lazy Lake, Flopper Pond and Lake Canoe (3)
  • Getting an elimination for a Sniper Rifle, an Assault Rifle, and Shotgun (3)
  • Visiting a lonely recliner, an outdoor movie theater and a radio station (3)
  • Searching the hidden gnome found in between a cabbage patch, a race track and a farm sign (1)
  • Destroying a television, a telephone pole and a telescope (3)
  • Dancing at the top of and Mouth H7, Mount Kay and Mouth F8 (3)

Those are the cheat sheet of Fortnite Cameo Vs. Chic challenges. After learning about it, you will be trying to complete the challenge.

But, if you get any difficulties in completing the challenges, you can learn on how to complete those challenges through the cheat sheet that has been created by @squatingdog. In this case, the Squating Dog kindly helps you to complete the challenges by creating the understandable cheat sheet that you can follow easily.

At the very least, to get the rewards for gold style of Cameo Vs. Chic Skin, you should complete nine of the Overtime Challenges. So, if you desire to get it, make sure that you have to learn about the chest sheet and try completing the challenges soon. Good Luck!!!

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