Fortnite Challenge: Where to Search Between a Giant Rock Man a Crowned Tomato

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Fortnite Season 7 released a new batch of challenges for Week 5. If you have the latest Battle Pass, one of the hardest challenges is asks the users to search between a Giant Rock Man, Crowned Tomato and Encircled Tree. Because you are at this page, so you have to read this entire article. Now, we are going to inform you where you are able to find it on the Battle Royale map.

For your information, the Battle Star is located on a patch of dirt between Wailing Woods and Tomato Temple. Just outside Wailing Woods, there is a big tree surrounded by the stones. Then, the Crowned Tomato is in the center of Tomato Temple and the Giant Rock Man is part of the cemetery area outside the temple. Apparently, you will need the Battle Pass in order to collect this Battle Star. However, there is nothing stopping you from tiering up. As soon as after you get the star, so the challenge progress is going to count.

Now, do you can search between the Giant Rock Man, Crowned Tomato and Encircled tree? If you still be confuse where you can search them, well we are going to explain it once again to more detail. You have to note that the Crowned Tomato is a pretty big clue, and you do not need to go too much further from there. The location you are looking for is go to the east of Tomato Temple. Next, where you can find a Crowned Tomato? On the eastern side of the temple, there is a bridge, and that is here that you are headed.  Please keep heading east past the bridge and eventually you are going to find the Rock Man, but to find the hidden Battle Star, you have to go over to the south side of the bridge. Then, you need to look for a bald patch of grass. Just walk over to the patch and the Star should appear. It will grant you a full tier on your battle pass and taking you one step closer for completing all of the week’s challenges.


In addition, here we will also share plenty of challenges for Fortnite season 7.

  • Week 1 Challenges

Dancing on top of a crown of RVs.

Dancing in different forbidden locations.

  • Week 2 Challenges

Playing the Sheet Music on pianos which near Lonely Lodge and Pleasant Park.

  • Week 3 Challenges

You have to ring a doorbell in different named locations.

You have to search between 3 ski lodges.

  • Week 4 Challenges

Please launch fireworks.

You have to find the letter “O” west of the Pleasant Park.

  • Week 5 Challenges

Dancing on top of a Water Tower.

Search between Giant Rock man and crowned tomato.

  • Week 6 Challenges

Searching the Chilly Gnomes.

  • Week 7 Challenges

Visiting all Expedition Outposts.

You have to destroy flying X-4 Storm wings.

  • Week 8 Challenges

Searching between a mysterious hatch, a precarious flatbed and a giant rock lady.

  • Week 9 Challenges

Pop 10 golden balloons.

Completing timed trials in an X-4 Storm wing plane.

  • Week 10 Challenges

Reach a score of five or more at the Shooting Gallery.

Just visit the expedition in a single match.

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