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Another week means another new error for players on PC, PS4, and Xbox One. This time, it is the Fortnite checking Epic queue error. This one is causing players to be unable to jump into online Battle Royale matches. Do you want to know about this error more?

If you are experiencing it, you do not need to panic. You are not the only one with Fortnite checking Epic queue errors. This one is plaguing players everywhere across the world and across platforms. It is rather sucky because it means you are not able to play anything at all in Battle Royale against 99 other people.

Fortnite checking Epic queue error is like waiting in the office of the doctor for your name to be called. The error is going to be a good long while before it is your turn and there is a little you can do in the meantime. This one forces you to wait patiently in line alongside the hundreds of thousands of the other players online.

The sad news is that there is a little you can do to fix the Fortnite checking Epic queue error. The main reason behind it is because these errors are caused by either a problem with the servers of the Epic Games or there are simply way too many players online currently and that is overloading the servers.

Still, there are a few Fortnite checking Epic queue error fixes. For one, you are recommended to shut off the game, restarting your system of choice, and double check your internet connection. From there, please restart the game.

If this method does not help, you can check out the official Twitter page of the game in order to see if there is a known issue on there. If you do not see anything, it is better for you to tweet to them as the developer is very responsive. The developer of Fortnite called Epic Games is good at fixing errors fast and you can expect them to fix the Fortnite checking Epic queue error quickly.

Once again. Fortnite checking Epic queue error refers to the error message that a lot of users of Fortnite may be getting recently since the launch of Fortnite Chapter 2, leaving many in long wait times to hop into the game, or forcing them to close the game entirely.

Considering the huge size of Fortnite Chapter 2, as well as the big influx of gamers entering and re-entering the game to see the new content, the servers of Fortnite are likely to be packed to the brim with the players, causing the game to lag and take a lot longer to fill lobbies than normal. The thing happens all of the time with the new online games and apps, especially those with the amount of media coverage a game like Fortnite has. The similar case occurred during the launch of the games such as Pokemon Go and Red Dead Redemption II’s online multiplayer.

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