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You may have seen Skull Trooper skin. What do you think about this skin? Is it cool? Or is it scary? Well, sometimes, certain skins only appear in certain countries. Now, how about Skull Trooper in China? Is this skin available? If so, is the form the same or is there any difference?

In Fortnite, Skull Trooper is a skin from the Skull Squad set. The rarity of this skin is Epic. This skin is not a new skin because it was released on October 30th, 2017. In the Item Shop, this skin is able to be bought for 1,500 V-Bucks when it is listed. This skin was released during Halloween in 2017. In the Halloween 2018 season, this skin made its return. This skin is so old that it cost the original 1,200 V-Bucks back when it was released.

Skull Trooper skin has two new style options. The first one is the green glow and it is available to everyone. Then, there is also a purple glow which is exclusive to players who had the skin previously.

You are able to unlock the long leaked Ghost Portal Back Bling by completing some Skull Trooper challenges. What are the challenges? Here they are.

  • You have to complete 7 daily challenges.
  • You need to play matches (50).
  • You must play matches with at least one elimination (14).
  • You have to find 10 Chests in a single match (10).
  • You have to deal damage to opponents in a single match (1,000) (Hard)

Skull Trooper skin was last seen on November 2nd, 2019. The official description of this skin is “Victory runs bone-deep.” The attachment of this skin is Ghost Portal back bling. This skin is actually the male version of the skin named Skull Ranger. Skull Trooper skin has a black military suite costume.  And there is a white skeleton painted all over it. This skin is made complete with a skeleton face makeup.

As mentioned earlier that Skull Trooper skin is a part of Skull Squad Set. It means that there are more items in this set. So, other cosmetics in Skull Squad set are Skull Sickle, Crypt Cruiser, Ghost Portal and Skull Ranger.

Now, how about Skull Trooper in China? Is it the same as this Skull Trooper which is available on the most country? Skull Trooper in China has different look with Skull Trooper that you usually see in Fortnite in your country. Skull Trooper in China has pumpkin head with blue glowing eyes. To see what it looks like, you are able to watch some videos on Youtube. But, why does the look of Skull Trooper can be different in China?

It may be because China does not permit games with skulls. In China, skeletons, blood and other things are usually censored. These things are not straight up banned in Chinese video games. In truth, they are not that uncommon in Chinese culture, either. For your information, Chinese literature is full of the supernatural. However, skeletons are not censored in all Chinese games or considered taboo in Chinese culture. In some other games, these things are usually censored. So, it seems that this is the reason why the appearance of Skull Trooper in China is different. However, everyone is still be able to enjoy Skull Trooper without having to be censored even though the look is different.

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